'The Daily Show' Features Watertown Historian

Local historian Marilynne Roach spoke with Jon Stewart about her book on the Salem Witch Trials.

Marilynne Roach in the kitchen at the Edmund Fowle House.
Marilynne Roach in the kitchen at the Edmund Fowle House.
If you missed "The Daily Show" Monday night, you missed one of your neighbors being interviewed by host Jon Stewart.

Watertown's Marilynne K. Roach spent more than five minutes discussing her book "Six Women of Salem," which chronicles the accused witches in Salem and their accusers. 

Roach also is involved in local history as a member of the Historical Society of Watertown. Recently she researched the history of the Orchard House, which was threatened with being torn down. Since then the owner, Beacon High School, came to an agreement with the town to save the house.

Watch Roach's Daily Show interview by clicking here.


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