WBUR Reviews "Imaging Madoff" - Now on the Arsenal Center Stage

"Imagining Madoff" will be at Arsenal Center for the Arts until Jan. 26.
"Imagining Madoff" will be at Arsenal Center for the Arts until Jan. 26.

Many Americans would love to have the chance to talk to Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff, especially those who lost their life savings to his financial misdoings. "Imagining Madoff" at the Arsenal Center for the Arts is a fictional attempt at confronting Madoff.

The New Repertory Theatre's production was reviewed recently by WBUR. The play, written by Deborah Margolin has attracted its share of controversy, the piece notes, including angering one of the most famous victims of Madoff - Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel. He served as the model for the man who would speak with Madoff. The name of the character was changed to Solomon Galkin.

The play does not shy away from controversial subjects either.

"The play’s high point is the debate between the two over Abraham and Isaac. Madoff compares God to Hitler, asking the old question of what kind of God would tell a man to kill his own son," reads the WBUR story.

Reviewer Ed Siegel said the play can feel like a debate on the Torah, but also said it kept his attention.

"I didn’t think there was a boring moment in it and though sometimes it felt like I went to a play and a Torah debate broke out I was fine with that," he wrote. 

Read the entire review by clicking here.


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