Bites Nearby: Big Sky Bakery & Cafe

Just across the street from Town Hall in Watertown is this new take-out bakery and cafe.

As its name implies this cafe, at 142 Main St. in Watertown, is the offshoot of a bakery that has been supplying homemade breads to outlets like Russo's for years. In 2011, it opened this tiny storefront that sells not only loaves of its many whole-grain, European-style breads, but also fancy pastries, a limited breakfast and lunch menu, and coffees and teas.

What to eat: The pastries are fresh and delicate, such as the lemonchelle cake ($2.75), toasted almond cake, or Belgian chocolate mousse ($3.25). The list goes on. For savory fare, you might try one of their dozen or so quiches, pies, croissants or pockets, such as the spinach feta pie, chicken and mushroom pocket $4), or eggplant parmesan torta. There are also several soups and salads.

The vibe: A strictly no-frills storefront where you stand and order at the counter. 

Coolness factor No. 1: You can take a check-off card and get your sixth loaf of bread free.

Coolness factor No. 2: It's just a factor: There's no place to sit inside.


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