Bites Nearby: The Burrito Bowl at Chipotle Mexican Grill

The Burrito Bowl has a host of ingredients, from grilled meat and cilantro-lime rice to black beans and grilled vegetables.

If you're in the mood for a quick meal with a Mexican theme, you might try Chipolte's Mexican Grill, which has locations throughout the Greater Boston area including Watertown's Arsenal Mall. The Burrito Bowl is all the fixings in a large burrito, without the wrapping; instead it's served in a bowl.

You get to decide at the long ordering counter what goes into the bowl, but the basics are a choice of grilled meat (chicken, pork or beef), cilantro-lime rice (white or brown), beans (black or pinto), salsa (hot, medium or mild) and a dozen or so add-ins, including sour cream, cheese, lettuce and grilled pepper and onions. It's substantial, fresh, well-seasoned and a bargain at under $7. 

Chipolte's website also has a lot of information about diet and nutrition, sustainable design, community, the treatment of animals and more.

The vibe: The restaurant is clean and modern, with plenty of seating options. It's often busy with customers, but the service is fast, even with a line.

Cool factor No. 1: A sign says that the chicken, pork and beef are raised without antibiotics or hormones, and that some of the vegetables are organic.

Cool factor No. 2: A side-counter holds containers of fresh lemon wedges. 

Cool factor No. 3: There's a kid's menu with tacos and quesadillas.


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