Bites Nearby: The New Yorker Diner

A homey Watertown diner with hearty breakfasts and lunches at bargain prices.


In the heart of Watertown Square, has been offering early morning and late night fare for hungry workers and college students for decades. Its specialty is hearty breakfasts, with lots of combos featuring eggs, along with bacon, ham and sausage. Vegetarians can go for the French toast, pancakes, omelettes or eggs without meat. The diner also has a basic menu of sandwiches, such as chicken salad, tuna salad and grilled cheese.

Suggested dish: We went for the Grand Slam – not just for its large variety of food but also its price. This favorite choice includes two eggs, home fries, bacon, sausage, two large pieces of French toast and coffee, for $7.75. It's much less expensive than ordering separate items. Pancakes can be substituted for the French toast.

The two over-easy eggs were done just right. The whites were solid and the yolks runny. The home fries were crispy but not burned, as was the two large strips of bacon, and the French toast was lightly dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon. The French toast was a bit dry, but there's syrup and butter on the side.

The vibe: Casual, clean and orderly.

Cool factor No. 1: The place is usually open just until 2 p.m. But on Friday and Saturday nights it's also open from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. "We get college students and people from all over the Boston area [at night]," says a waitperson who works the late-night shift on weekends. "Sometimes there's a line out the door."

Cool factor No. 2: The menu is simple and straightforward, if you're in the mood for basic, hearty combinations of eggs, including Benedict or Rockefeller, different meats, French toast or a sandwich and coffee.

Marc August 08, 2012 at 02:14 PM
We love this place but the staff really needs to follow sanitary guidelines more closely. I have noticed on several occasions, gloves are not used when handling food, the waitresses will wipe the tables and counters with bare hands using a dirty rag, then walk over top the bags of Scali bread to drop them in the toaster. It just Skeeves me out. same with kitchen staff which you can see through the saloon doors...


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