Bites Nearby: Thin-Crust Pizza at The Gaff

The steak-and-more pizza at The Gaff is a complex mix of flavors.

The steak pizza at The Gaff, a friendly, pub-like bar at 467 Moody St., is excellent. One of two kinds of pizza (the other is a vegetarian "margarita" one), its crispy, wafer-thin crust is covered with tangy gorgonzolla and mozarella cheeses, bits of hearty, marinated steak, sweet caramelized onions, and a homemade pesto. At $9 for a 10-inch pizza, it's a bargain. 

The Gaff is best known for its 70 kinds of beers, including many craft ones, and mixed drinks. But it also has a good food menu, including small plates, like the pizza, appetizers and salads. "(The Gaff) started with a burger, a hotdog and some sandwiches," says head chef Dana Hansen, a life-long Walthamite, who came from the Tuscan Grill down the block about two years ago. He concocts new offerings regularly, such as "fries 4 ways" and four different kinds of dipping sauces for chicken wings.

The vibe: Social and lively.

Cool factor No. 1: Free popcorn as you wait for your food. And it's not pre-salted.

Cool factor No. 2: Two large couches with a table between them in the front make for a convivial atmosphere.


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