Bites Nearby: Waltham Indian Market

This large Indian supermarket has a food court below it.

The Waltham Indian Market, which was designed with a restaurant and food court below it. The food court can be slightly overwhelming at first, because the two stations in it overlap a bit in their offerings. One offers more Middle Eastern fare, such as kababs, as well as Indian appetizers, like dosas; while the other station has seven chicken and 10 vegetarian entrees served in spicy sauces with rice.

This is strictly no-frills eating, with plastic plates and cutlery and a variety of cold drinks in a cooler. (A patron did ask for tap water and got it.) The court is a bit louder than a restaurant, too, since it's in an open space with coolers along the wall.

Suggested dish: We tried the Butter Chicken and vegetable rice, but also asked for a sampling of the other rice option, lemon rice, and an eggplant dish. (You might try the same deal, which cost us a dollar extra). Chicken dishes were $9 and vegetarian $8.

Both dishes were satisfying: creamy and full of aromatic spices – what one expects from Indian food. The vegetable rice was also good. It was less bland than merely rice, with peas and bits of carrot and beans in it.

The vibe: Ultra-casual, no frills and a tad loud from the bare walls.

Cool factor no. 1: You can see all the dishes; but you might want to ask about the level of spiciness before ordering one.

Cool factor no. 2: A tip: The supermarket upstairs has fresh fruit and a bakery with many traditional Indian pastries.

Cool factor no. 3: No flat screens.... cool or not-cool?

Rachel Cooper October 09, 2012 at 02:24 AM
I went today for first time to bring some food home for my family. I got bombay biryani, spicy doses, and samosas. Everything was spicy and delicious!


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