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Meet the New Owners of the Watertown Main Street Florist

Rubi and Joe Galui bought the florist shop in Watertown Square in July, and have made a few changes.

If you have not been into Watertown Main Street Florist recently, you will see it has had a bit of a remode to give it a bit more of a feminine touch. New owners Rubi and Joe Galui have made a few alterations after buying the store from Dave Greenberg.

Greenberg, who besides his floral business was known for his effort to find a wife, moved to California to run a singles-oriented business, Galui said. Now Rubi is ready to put bring her own ideas to the shop.

Recently, Watertown Patch interviewed Rubi about her store:

Watertown Patch: When did you take over the Watertown Main Street Florist shop and do you have plans for the store?

Rubi Galui: My husband and I took over the flower shop in early July of this year and I am just overflowing with plans for the place! We are doing a lot of promotional work and are very proud of our website, www.WatertownsFriendlyFlowers.com. We're also taking our place in the community, sponsoring Watertown's local sports teams and other youth activities. We're very excited!

WP: Did you work with flowers before buying the shop, or did you come from another background?

RG: I have worked with flowers for almost eight years, since I was 16. I started out as a shop girl after school and on weekends at a flower shop in my hometown of Winthrop, The Governor's Garden. After graduating high school I went into an intensive full-time program at Rittner's School of Floral Design on Marlborough Street in Boston. It was there that I learned the basics of floral design and shop management and met some amazing florists, some of whom became my friends. One of my classmates, the extremely gifted Cat, is about to start working here next week! After Design School, I worked at the Louis Barry Florist in Boston and it was there that I was really able to refine my craft as they do a lot of very high-end arrangements. I ran a shop in Cambridge for the last four years.  

WP: There seems to be a lot of competition in the floral business, how do you set yourselves apart? 

RG: I think that our energy and creativity will set us apart from our competition. We have an incredibly creative and talented staff that really put their passion for design and beauty into every arrangement we make. Our window displays change with the seasons and truly reflect our excitement about the business we're in. My Dad is a fabulous gardener so we now have some amazing window boxes that will also change with the seasons! Also, we stay up to date with the latest trends and new design techniques for weddings and events. It is important to us that our funeral pieces stand out and that truly honor the memory of the dearly departed. But, to be honest, weddings are our true passion! Nothing gives me more of a thrill than sending a beautiful bride down an aisle that's covered in rose petals, rocking a fabulous bouquet that we have created especially for her! Seeing her smile at her handsome groom, seeing the entire wedding party holding or wearing the perfect flowers, seeing the flowers on the tables at the reception, knowing that we helped to make the happiest day of their lives so beautiful – it just makes me so happy to be part of the floral industry.

WP: Why did you decide to do business in Watertown?

RG: When we saw the ad for the shop, we came to see it right away and were completely sold from the moment we drove up and stepped inside. It's an amazing location and a beautiful shop! It's exactly the size and layout I wanted and, as it was owned by an older gentleman before, I think I've brought the fresh and feminine touch to the place that was needed. But the people in town have been so supportive and have made me feel so welcome, I absolutely love it here! 

WP: What are challenges of doing business these days, in a down economy? 

RG: Well, whether a person has a lot to spend or not, historically flowers have always been one of the most obvious, and yet most dramatic ways to show someone that you truly care. I have heard more than one woman tell me a bouquet of flowers from her significant other at a special time in their lives meant more to her than an expensive gift that was perhaps less personal. A wildflower bouquet picked by the roadside is romantic, but fresh flowers from the florist can and do sweep the recipient off her feet! And beyond the romantic, flowers bring the joy to every special occasion, they brighten every room and lighten every mood. I love flowers myself, and I try to send each of my customers off with something truly lovely that they are proud to present to their loved one, no matter what their price range.

Valerie September 21, 2012 at 12:00 PM
Rubi came to our rescue when my son's wedding flowers didn't show up because of a snow storm. We relied on her judgment and when we arrived at the church, we were not disappointed. Her altar arrangements were elegant, and absolutely made the difference in the pictures. ~ Val
Charlie Breitrose (Editor) September 21, 2012 at 01:23 PM
Wow, sounds like Rubi came through!


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