Restaurant Inspections: Stop & Shop, Greg's Restaurant, Papa Gino's and More

See what the health inspectors found at these Watertown restaurants.

Greg's Restaurant was one establishment inspected recently by the Watertown Health Department.
Greg's Restaurant was one establishment inspected recently by the Watertown Health Department.
The Watertown Health Department makes inspections of the town's 200-plus restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores and more each year. They look for a variety of violations, including critical ones that could lead to food borne illness.

The inspection reports are public records. If there are violations, the inspector always returns for a follow up inspection to ensure that the violations are corrected. Establishments with repeated or serious violations are called for a hearing with the Board of Health.

Cunniff School

No violations were found.

Hosmer School

No violations were found.


No violations were found.

Pleasant Street Pizza

An October inspection found one critical violation. It was fixed by the re-inspection.

  • The can opener piercing tip was soiled with food.

Watertown High School

No violations were found. 

Stop & Shop

Two critical violations were found at the supermarket on Pleasant Street. Both were remedied by the follow up inspection.

  • The hand sink used to wash food. Needs to be sanitized.
  • The hand sink was used as a dump sink.

Greg's Restaurant

Several critical violations were found during an inspection in August, and were fixed by the follow up in October.

  • The stainless steel salad preparer was too warm
  • Provolone cheese was stored outside the cold storage area
  • Mushrooms were cut on the prime rib station
  • The can opener blade was soiled with food
  • The interior of a beer pitcher was soiled, but stored as if clean
  • Mouse droppings were found on the coffee station
  • A metal thermometer was soiled
  • A fly was found in the kitchen near exposed food

Papa Gino's

An inspection in October found two critical violations. Both were fixed when inspectors returned a week later. 
  • Ham was stored at to warm a temperature
  • Garlic bread was stored at room temperature


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