See What is Proposed to be Built at Arsenal and Irving Streets

Hundreds of housing units, retail and restaurants have been proposed.

The area of Arsenal and Irving Streets could become a construction zone. Patch File Photo.
The area of Arsenal and Irving Streets could become a construction zone. Patch File Photo.
More housing, and space for restaurants and retail has been proposed to go on a large parcel of land along Arsenal Street near Irving Street.

The proposal by the Hanover Co. would be at 202-204 Arsenal St. and 58 Irving St. - which includes the area where the ill-fated Wal-Mart project was proposed. The development would have 300 housing units, and 37,100 sq. ft. of retail and restaurant space, according to a report in the Boston Globe. 

Watertown's Director of Economic Development and Planning Steve Magoon told the Globe he expects Hanover Co. proposal to come before town boards in the spring.

The project would add more housing to Watertown, but not in the area of the Westside of Watertown, mostly along Pleasant Street, where other projects have been approved and built. Arsenal Street, however, is expected to have other major changes. 

Athenahealth bought the Arsenal on the Charles complex from Harvard and plans major renovations and additions, also the Arsenal Mall and other nearby property has been purchased and more housing, retail and restaurants could be built in that development.

See the entire Boston Globe report by clicking here.
Wendy Rocca January 02, 2014 at 11:38 AM
We love to see areas of Watertown improve, especially the "blighted" areas. However, we need to consider what the implications will be. How many students will this add to our schools? Do we have room, enough teachers? Can we really handle adding more stress to our older school buildings? Is there room to build another school? Traffic is already a nightmare! How much more can we handle? We hear discussions about lane reductions, "traffic calming" structures...how many times must we hire consultants to tell us we have too much traffic? Adding more and more rental properties will hurt our current multi-family owners ability to rent their apartments. Do we have enough police & fire to support the additional population? As it is, our police are working without a contract...that's a whole different topic. Before we jump to add another 300 units, let's really assess what the implications will be to Watertown's infrastructure.
Julie January 03, 2014 at 11:05 AM
More housing? Don't we have enough of that already with the many houses and other (large) housing developments? I wish I had considered all of the zoning issues in this town before purchasing. There are so many renters and so many more will surely come in and there is a noticeable lack of pride in ownership with many of the old houses (many of which seem to be rentals). I have never seen a town have such a need for revamping as Watertown. I had hoped to make this my forever town where I raised my children but at this point, unless there are some major improvements, I will put in my 5 years, keep my house beautiful, and move on to a town that has a stronger infrastructure, better zoning laws, and more owner-occupied homes.
Rob_Mc January 07, 2014 at 08:03 AM
I took me almost a year to find my apartment in town, so I'm a firm believer Watertown does need more housing, the only apartments I see vacant in the listings are priced too high. A grocery like Trader Joes would we a welcome addition. I agree traffic in town, especially in the square, is horrible at best, far too many folks drive through there, far too few folks use alternative transportation, same as every town.


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