Toyota Licenses Technology Developed by Watertown Company

The Watertown-based company has created a way to recharge batteries wirelessly.

WiTricity CEO Eric Giler showed Gov. Deval Patrick around his company in 2012.
WiTricity CEO Eric Giler showed Gov. Deval Patrick around his company in 2012.
A Watertown company has licensed technology to auto giant Toyota which will allow batteries to charge wirelessly.

WiTricity, which is located on Grove Street in Watertown, came up with a way to recharge batteries will be used in future hybrid and electric cars made by Toyota, according to a press release from WiTricity.

The car manufacturer invested in WiTricity in 2011, and Toyota cooperated technically with WiTricity to accelerate the development of the technology, according to the release. Current electric vehicles need a wire to recharge the battery.

“WiTricity’s mission is to make wireless charging available as widely as possible, and this announcement is a significant step toward accomplishing that mission,” said WiTricity CEO Eric Giler. “We envision a world in which wireless charging accelerates the adoption of clean, green electrified vehicles. To have Toyota, the world’s leading carmaker, licensing our intellectual property, underscores the importance of the technology."


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