Ask Patch: How to Rodent Proof Your Home for the Winter?

Some areas of East Watertown have had problems with rodents, and the infestations may just get worse in the winter.


Rodents have become a problem in parts of Watertown, and the Center for Disease Control warns that the cold weather during the winter may drive the critters into your home.

The rats and mice look for warmth and shelter, and can get into homes through some small openings.

According the CDC website:

Mice and rats are pesky critters that can enter your home through small holes or gaps. Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a nickel, and rats can squeeze through a hole the size of half of a quarter!


You can take action to try to keep them from getting in. The CDC has some tips for preventing the critters from getting in.

First, seal up any holes or gaps in your home.

If rodents have gotten into your home, here are some steps you can take:

  • Seal up the openings
  • Trap the rodents
  • Clean up any water and food sources to which the rodents may be attracted

To read the entire CDC release, click here.


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