Bites Nearby: International Natural Bakery

This tiny outlet store on the site of a wholesale bakery is expanding soon; but it already offers loaves of Russian-style bread, pastries, juices, and snacks.

, at 128 Arlington St. in Watertown, looks like a wholesale business – because it is. In fact, you might have bought a loaf of their Russian bread in Russo's market on Pleasant St.

A few months ago, they opened an outlet store on the Arlington St. site (it's more of a counter) with loaves of wheat, rye, and pumpernickel breads, rolls, and a modest assortment of pastries – all at outlet prices. Side coolers and bins are filled with an eclectic mix of others products: juices, ice-cream treats, ranging from Haagen-Dazs to Weight Watchers, and candy bars and swizzle sticks for the younger crowd.

According to co-owner Boris Freyman, they're expanding soon, adding tables and chairs outside and offering more products, including coffee, bagels, and donuts.

Best bets: The loaves of fresh Russian-style bread, such as dark pumpernickel that's harder to get in other stores, for just $2 a loaf ($2.99 for the bigger ones). ("Back away from the pastries...").

Cool factor no. 1: A cooler is stocked with a selection of Adam & Eve juice boxes (100 percent juice) for 50 cents a box. Just the thing on a hot afternoon – and why pay twice as much for a can of sugar water?

Cool factor no. 2: There's always a parking space outside, so you can pop in, grab a loaf of bread, juice box, or frozen treat, and go.


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