Five Watertown Stories to Watch in 2013

The next year promises to have plenty in store for Watertown, here are some things to keep an eye on.


1. You thought election time was over with the end of the presidential race, but 2013 already has some biggies on the card. The annual town election will be held in November, with Town Council and School Committee seats up for the vote. We may have another senate race again soon if John Kerry is confirmed as the next Secretary of State.

2. New construction has begun to spring up in town, particularly along Pleasant Street. This is likely to continue, and the town is in the midst of creating a comprehensive plan to guide the new development. One idea to lure businesses to Watertown is to add more restaurants by increasing the number of alcohol licenses. 

3. The budget, the budget, the budget. Government budgets from the federal level to the state to the town's budget will all be impacted by the economy. So far, Gov. which had some impact on Watertown. How will the economy impact the Fiscal 2014 as the Town Council works on it this year.

4. What will happen to the Arsenal on the Charles. The former Watertown Arsenal is under agreement to be sold from Harvard University to Athenahealth. What will the impact on the complex, area business and all of Watertown if and when the deal goes through?

5. Renovations of some of the biggest streets and paths in town could be coming soon. The renovation and remodeling of Mt. Auburn Street has been discussed for many years, and officials are anxious to get the process started so they can get some in line for state funding. Town officials and nature lovers alike have been looking to improve the path along the Charles River in Watertown, and plans may start to take shape this year.


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