How Much Snow Did Watertown Get?

We've got some rough estimates, but we need your measurements!

There's no doubt about it — the recent blizzard left quite a bit of snow for Watertown to clean up.

But how much snow? 

Although the National Weather Service does not have an exact total for Watertown, snowfall amounts have been recorded for several surrounding towns, including Waltham, Brookline, Wellesley and West Roxbury

Averaging the snowfall provided by towns that border Watertown (Belmont, Waltham and Cambridge), the town likely received around 25 inches, or just over two feet.

Did you take snowfall measurements in Watertown? How much snowfall did the city get? Tell us in the comments section below!

In the meantime, here are the snowfall amounts for the nearby cities and towns (provided by the National Weather Service):

Town Snowfall
Belmont 27 Brookline 26 Cambridge 26 Dedham 22 Waltham 25 Wayland 22 Wellesley 23.5 West Roxbury 25

For more local blizzard coverage, check out our Watertown Storm Center.

noelle argenti February 11, 2013 at 09:17 PM
Why dont people shovel better in watertown some of the sidwalks arent shovel they just plow their driveway or store enterance way watertown sidewalks should be plowed better


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