iPads are Coming to Watertown High School Next Year

A set of iPads will be used in selected classes to see how they can best be utilized.

A few Watertown High School students will use the latest technology next year as the school does a pilot study of how to use Apple iPads in classes.

The school has 30 of the tablets, said Head Master Steve Watson, and a handful of teachers will use them in their classrooms.

"Instead of using them alike a laptop cart where students use them occasionally, we will see what we can do with iPads in students' hands on a daily basis," Watson said.

Some possible uses, Watson said, is an app for foreign language classes that allows students to practice speaking and listening to the language. They could also be useful for students learning geography and history.

Also, students who need to beef up their study skills can use the iPads to learn strategies, Watson said.

"We will see if there is higher achievement in those classes because (students used iPads)," Watson said.

School Committee member Michael Shepard said he would like to see surveys of students and teachers at the beginning and end of the class to see how the iPads worked.

"I would like to know if it was useful or not and how to improve it," Shepard said.

Sara June 15, 2012 at 02:57 PM
This is kind of ridiculous. I think this is a waste of budget money. I feel like this is just a way for the school to flaunt being able to use this technology. I'm sure there are more important things to buy than iPads and probably areas like school clubs or other events that always get over shadowed that could use this money in more useful ways.


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