New Crosswalk Lights Installed on Mt. Auburn Street by Tufts Health Plan

Solar panels power the flashing yellow lights at the crosswalk near the Tufts Health Plan offices.

The following information was provided by Tufts Health Plan:

Solar powered pedestrian signs were recently installed on both sides of the crosswalk at 705 Mount Auburn St. in front of Watertown-based health insurer Tufts Health Plan. The state-of-the-art fixtures include a solar panel with a battery backup and a crosswalk sign with flashing yellow LED lights to alert approaching drivers. 

The flashing lights can be activated by either pressing a button or by motion detectors mounted on the light poles that sense when a person is standing at the crosswalk. 

The signs and their installation totaled more than $17,000, which Tufts Health Plan donated to the town of Watertown.

“The crosswalk is located in a busy retail section of Mount Auburn Street and directly in front of a bus stop that is used by many Tufts Health Plan employees and Watertown residents. We want to do everything we can to get the attention of drivers to keep people as safe as possible,” said Emidio DiVirgilio, Tufts Health Plan senior safety and security specialist.

The pedestrian signs should not be confused with stop signs. “These signs warn drivers, but crosswalk users need to make sure cars see them before they step into the street,” added DiVirgilio.


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