Watertown Honors its World War II Veterans

The Shutt Detachment hosted a luncheon for World War II veterans from Watertown.

Dozens of World War II veterans came for lunch at Hibernian Hall on Saturday, and left after being honored by the members of the Marine Corps League Shutt Detachment, and many other local veteran and military groups.

The event began as one focused on Watertown veterans but it grew to 63 veterans and 200 guests.

"It was the largest group of World War II veterans in Massachusetts, in one place, for many, many years," said Mike Munger, a member of the Shutt Detachment and the organizing committee. "The goal was to treat them with the dignity and respect they deserved."

The luncheon was the brainchild of Dave Brooks. He was the Marine of the Year at the Shutt Detachment, and with that honor he got to plan a project for the club.

When they arrived, the veterans got a medal, a copy of their service record which were secured by retired Watertown Veterans Officer Bob Erickson. The details of their service were eye-opening for many of the family members, Munger said.

"These guys came back didn’t tell anyone about what they did. They came back to work, reorganize the country," Munger said. "Looking at their fathers' service papers, many people said 'I didn’t know my father got 6, 7, 8 awards. He said he drove a truck during the war. When they were leaving, the families kept coming up and thanking us. The veterans thanked us too."

The members of the Greatest Generation were treated to performances by the JROTC Young Marines from Lynn High School, groups, received pictures and medals honoring them for their service.

The Massachusetts Secretary of Veterans’ Services, Coleman Nee and Lt. Col. Leo McGonagle of the U.S. Army spoke to those at the luncheon. The veterans also heard from special guest Jack Simons, a World War II submarine officer.

State Rep. John Lawn and State Sen. Will Brownsberger presented a proclamation from the State House and Town Council President Mark Sideris and Governor's Councilor Marilyn Devaney also presented proclamations.

Members of the Yankee Division, a group of World War II reenactors, came down from New Hampshire for the ceremony. 

After the ceremony, many wanted to keep celebrating.

"A lot of people came back to the Shutt Detachment, no one wanted to leave," Munger said. "Probably 150 to 200 came back, including some of the World War II veterans."

See photos from the event, to the right, provided by Leo Saidnawey.

Veterans Honored at Luncheon:

  • Abelow, Arthur
  • Aylaian, Sidney
  • Baboian, Jacob
  • Barmakian, Stephen
  • Bean, James
  • Bennas, James
  • Brunachini, John
  • Cahill, Robert
  • Casello, Charles
  • Cristello, Frank
  • Dacey, Eugene
  • Dargon, Frank
  • Debonise, Albert
  • Delraso, Michael
  • Delrose, Concenzio
  • Donnelly, James
  • Eordikian, Jack
  • Evans, Albert
  • Fazzi, Paul  
  • Frizzell, Walter
  • Giliberti, Vincent
  • Guido, David
  • Gulezian, Krikor
  • Hallsworth, Harold
  • Hickey, Edward
  • Hughes, William
  • Inferrera, Anthony
  • Kazanjian, Kenneth
  • King, Gordan   
  • Marra, Angelo
  • Martino, Vincent
  • Marzilli, Rocco
  • McCurley, Ruth
  • McHugh, Joseph
  • Menton, Paul
  • Micelli, Lawrence
  • Mosca, Henry
  • Musetti, Ray
  • Myerson, Harriette
  • O’Meara, Gene
  • Paone, Charles
  • Piscopo, Armand
  • Raia, Joseph
  • Ricci, Ralph
  • Rocca, John  
  • Santamaria, Peter
  • Santoro, Attilio
  • Serio, Nicholas
  • Sgroi, Walter
  • Shutt, Joseph
  • Simons, Jack
  • Stadtman, Edward
  • Taylor, Richard
  • Torilli, Peter
  • Tucceri, Michael
  • Volz, Orvill
  • Wayne, Theodore
  • Whitney, Malcolm
  • Whitney, Robert
  • Yunghans, Emil
  • Zaccagnini, Dom
  • Zaffiro, James
  • Zouranjian, Sam

Veterans Honored Posthumously:

  • Albert E. Erickson, TEC 3, Army, Rhineland    
  • William Byrne, PFC,  Army Air Corps, Battle of Bulge  
  • Walter T. Munger, PFC, Army, Utah Beach      
  • Frank Brooks, MM1st Cl, Navy, Pacific Theater  
  • Robert Munger, SGT, Army, Omaha Beach  
  • John Jarvis, SGT, USMC, Iwo Jima    
  • Thomas P. Aucoin, PO2, Seabee, Navy, Pacific Theater 

Organizing Committee:

  • Edward & Janice Aucoin
  • Rick Morrell John Jarvis
  • SGM Oswald
  • Michael Munger
  • Dominic Ricci
  • William Byrne
  • Bob Erickson
  • David O’Connell
  • David & Judy Brooks
  • Gene O’Meara
Wendy Rocca April 24, 2012 at 11:53 AM
Thank you Shutt! It was a wonderful event for all attendees. The way you honored our vets was first class all the way!
Lorrie Pelletier December 12, 2012 at 10:07 PM
hi I just happened to come across this article on the computer on the Watertown Patch. I saw "SIDNEY AYLAIAN'S name on here. I recognized the name because I have in my possession a "WWII" ID BRACELET WITH SIDNEYS NAME AND ID NUMBER from WWII. When My mom died a few years ago, this was in with her jewelry. Now I dont know who Sidney is, but he had to have some connection with my mother and family. I know there are more than one Sidney Aylaians on the computer but this name said Watertown MA and we lived in Waltham all of our lives. So it could have been thru my father, mother or one of my many sisters who knew him. I tried to find Sidney many times but there were so many of them listed . But since this showed up, Im thinking that This is the Sidney I have been trying to find., So Sidney if this is you, please email me at Lorrielynx@aol.com. I grew up with 10 in the family, in Waltham on the West End. Last name was Pelletier. Please let meknow if this is you. Thank you so much....Lorraine Pelletier - Dewar
Lorrie Pelletier December 12, 2012 at 11:15 PM
This is Lorraine again. I forgot to mention that the back of this bracelent is engraved and it says.....I think it says Love, joan......engraved and the date 12-25-41 or 44. You need a magnifying glass to see this clearly and I cant find the one I have. So if this is yours Sidney,i would be more than happy to put it in the mail for you. Wow it sure is old now. And if this isnt yours, Ill just keep on searching Thank you so much !


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