TELL US: Is Filippello Park the Right Place for a Dog Park?

The front of the park on Grove Street is going to be redeveloped, and a place for pooches is one of the suggestions.

A group of Watertown residents is looking for a place to put a dog park, and the Conservation Commission seeks to redevelop the former recycling center at Filippello Park. But is that the right spot to allow dogs to run off the leash?

The town's recycling center and some basketball courts now sit in the area near the entrance to Filippello Park off Grove Street, but the area will be improved. Recreation Director Peter Centola said the town is looking to add something that fits the space and also provides something not currently offered in Watertown's parks. 

A group asking for a dog park requested that at least part of the space be used for a dog park. Other ideas that have been suggested include a bocce ball court and/or chess tables. 

Do you think Filippello Park is the right place to put a dog park? Where else could it go? Tell us in the comment section below.

Rob_Mc December 04, 2012 at 02:22 PM
I think there is plenty of space there, the park is quite large, chess table could go anywhere maybe near the spray park even? The Grove street end would be a great spot for the dog park, as it's somewhat segregated from the rest of the park. Does Watertown have any 'dog friendly' parks, not necessarily off-leash, I have never been able to get a real answer. Other than a few parks tha specifically have "No Dogs" signage.


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