Watertown/Cambridge WWII Monument Repaired by Tufts Health Plan, Home Depot

The two groups teamed up to fix up the list of veterans who served in World War II on Mt. Auburn Street.

The monument to Watertown veterans who served in World War II had fallen into disrepair, but volunteers from Tufts Health Plan fixed up the list of veterans using supplies provided by Home Depot.

The Town Council recognized the two companies for their work on the Watertown World War II Veterans Monument, which sits on the Watertown/Cambridge line on Mt. Auburn Street.

"I frequently go to a restaurant next to the monument and I have seen it before and after," said Town Council President Mark Sideris. "It was an amazing restoration. It was really in disrepair."

The monument is an important place for the veterans and their families, Watertown Veterans Agent Gina Rada wrote in a letter to Town Manager Michael Driscoll.

"The monument holds the names of Watertown and Cambridge World War II veterans and is a known place of tribute that many veterans and their families frequent to pay their respects," Rada said.

Tufts Health Plan approached the town looking for opportunities to do community service projects, Driscoll said.

"The World War II Monument was in disrepair and Tufts Health Plan graciously took on the project, working diligently on nights and weekends to complete it," Driscoll said. "Home Depot donated all the materials and supplies needed for the restoration."

The Town Council voted to accept the donation of work and materials, and thanked Tufts Health Plan and Home Depot. Town Councilor John Donohue also suggested that photos of the restored monument be taken so they can be put up on the Town of Watertown website.


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