Watertown's Eliza Dushku Dishes About Mitt Romney

The presidential candidate served as bishop at Dusku's church when she was young.

Actress and Watertown-native Eliza Dushku chatted with New York Magazine about growing up as a Mormon, and her bishop when she was young – Mitt Romney.

Dushku said she is no longer "very Mormon" in the piece that ran in this month's New York Magazine. She said she has problems with the Mormon Church's stand on some issues, including women's rights – an issue over which her mother, Judy Dushku, often clashed with Romney, according to the article.

Dusku said that one of her first crushes, when she was 6, was on the man who would go on to become governor of Massachusetts and the current Republican Presidential nominee-to-be. That ended, however, "when I was old enough to hear what was coming out of his mouth," she said, according to New York Magazine.

Ralph Filicchia April 30, 2012 at 11:45 AM
I confess I am at a loss to understand exactly what "women's rights" are. Am I, as an ordinary man, somehow responsible for this "problem" whatever it is? How about an explanation on exactly what rights I have that a woman does not have.
M C Stringfellow April 30, 2012 at 01:55 PM
I am with you Ralph. I do not know exactly what rights I am being denied. Instead of the word "Rights", maybe it should be issues. God knows I have plenty of them, and their not all about women. I am glad to see that Miss Dushku has the sense to look beyond the scope of religion and crushes to make up her own mind as to what she feels is best and does not follow the herd. That is what I did and why I am not a Democrat. I used to be, but over the years, I took a hard look and did not like what I was seeing.


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