Watertown's Parking Ban Could Last Until Wednesday

The large amount of snow has slowed efforts to clear the town's streets and sidewalks.

Drivers likely have to wait until Wednesday, if not longer, to park on the streets of Watertown.

Public Works Superintendent Gerald Mee said his crews have had a tough time removing the large amount of snow from the Blizzard of 2013, which just got heavier with Monday's rain.

"We had a meeting (Monday) and we are continuing the Snow Emergency until further notice," Mee said. "We will evaluate it in a couple days."

Mee said he wants to make sure the streets are wide enough for fire vehicles to get down, in case of an emergency. The snow mounds make the streets much narrower, Mee said.

"On some streets you have a car park on one side and another on the other side and the entire street," Mee said.

Crews will also make clearing snow from corners a priority, Mee said, so cars can make turns more easily and to remove piles of snow that hamper vision at intersections.

Clearing snow from sidewalks may be more difficult than from the streets, Mee said. The Public Works Department has a sidewalk tractor and a Bombardier vehicle, which has small tank tracks instead of wheels.

"Sidewalks are the biggest challenge," Mee said. "Now it is raining so the snow will be even heavier."

Steven Cavaretta February 12, 2013 at 12:56 PM
"We had a meeting" C'mon Gerry, less pizza and donuts more action. "Sidewalks are the biggest challenge" This is news to a Superintendent with 20 years experience? Bottom line, pray for warm weather, the WDPW could care less.


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