Do You Know the Differences Between Linda Finn and Dan Reilly?

Letter to the Editor from Erin Flynn: Have you decided who you will vote for on the local level?

With less than one week left to the elections, have you decided who you will vote for on the local level? Have you decided whom you entrust with your vote, the person who will best represent you in the State House next January? Please consider the following when deciding between Dan Reilly and Linda Finn for District 72:

1) Dan Reilly does not own real estate; he does not pay property taxes in Portsmouth where he resides. He lives in a property owned by a family trust.

Linda Finn has owned real estate on Aquidneck Island since 1989. She has paid all her taxes, never missing a single payment. 

2) Dan Reilly has been an active participant in legal entities that were set up (trust, house, and corporation for bankruptcy) and designed to evade both Rhode Island and Portsmouth tax bills. There were allegations that the bankruptcy was not filed in good faith …” it appears that the entity was created for the sole purpose of creating an obfuscation, a subterfuge and a ruse” – U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Florida case no .10- 10299-PGH Chapter 11.

Google “Doylestown Partners” for more information. 

Linda has never been involved with a bankruptcy or even come close.

3) Reilly was the co-sponsor of bill H 7205 last year, which would have mandated a medically unnecessary and invasive procedure for WOMEN.

Linda, a long time volunteer with women’s organizations and advocate for women, would never introduce legislation that could negatively affect women. She would never try to interfere with a patient doctor relationship. It is outrageous that a young man feels he is justified in sponsoring such legislation.

4) While co- sponsoring the above bill, another bill H- 7452 was stalled in the Finance committee (which Dan sits on). This bill would have made it possible for a small business owner (a sole proprietor or a Sub Chapter S Corp business) to be able to take advantage of the Enterprise Zone in Portsmouth. A business that moves into this zone can receive a RI income tax credit of up to $2500 for each new employee it hires.  Some business owners who decide to move their home into the Enterprise Zone and increase the local workforce may be able to receive a $50,000 RI income tax deduction per year for 3 years and a $25,000 deduction for two years beyond that.  Not small change!  (www.portsmouthri.com/busdevelop/enterprise/index.php)

This is the type of legislation for which local government officials need an advocate in the state house! As a small business owner involved in the business community here on Aquidneck Island, Linda understands these issues and would make it a priority to ensure that legislation like this is not shelved. 

As you can see, there are several reasons why Linda is interested and capable in representing all of us!

Dan Reilly does not and has not represented me, a mother, taxpayer, homeowner, business owner, active community member. Dan has no real answers to problems facing the state; he supports social positions that are at odds to many constituents and me. His financial expertise is certainly questionable.

Linda has real world experience and financial training. She knows what it takes to be successful in business. She has management experience in large businesses and has successfully run a small business here on Aquidneck Island for over 10 years. She has also volunteered hundreds of hours of her precious time to many charitable organizations.  I know that you have to work with people to cause change, not just oppose them at every step which is why I am advocating for Linda Finn. She will be effective in bringing change to the state house, not just talking about it. 

I respectfully recommend that you VOTE for LINDA FINN on November 6. 

You can also check out her website: www.electlindafinn.com, www. lindafinngardendesign.com, or go to her Facebook page: Linda Finn for State Representative for  more  information.

Very Sincerely,

Erin Flynn

tivertontrue November 01, 2012 at 06:08 PM
Hey if he is against tolls i'm there, his stand on woman was very stupid and NEVER would have passed but if we stop tolls we can always change our mind
Just Another Taxpayer November 01, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Jim L welcome back. We missed you.
Kevin Carty November 01, 2012 at 08:33 PM
I don't have a dog in this fight but Item #1 smacks of Hamiltonian elitism. One can be a qualified candidate in ANY election without being a property owner in the 21st century. I hope Ms Flynn is not advocating a return to a restrictive electorate.
Dale Clark November 02, 2012 at 10:07 AM
Dan is and always has been one hard working and smart person he's doing 100% better then Amy Rice ever even begin to do.
Dale Clark November 05, 2012 at 06:22 AM
Want change in Newport? I am running for Council at Large as a write-in candidate. I was the chairman for Citizens for Queen and Square Park we were the opposition group that lead the caust to stop the demolition of our once beautiful park that was a gift to the citizens and entrusted to the City to preserve and protect not destroy...Vote for change in our City council VOTE DALE R.CLARK in as a your WRITE-IN for City COUNCIL AT LARGE.My promiss to all of Newport I will help to preserve and protect our past heritage and move us forward.NEVER STAND IDEL AND LET OUR CITY COUNCIL TREAD ON IT'S CITIZENS AGAIN..


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