LETTER: Direct Tire Owner Urges Voters to Support 'Right to Repair' Ballot Question

Despite the passage of a state law, Barry Steinberg writes that it is important to vote on Question 1.




I think the average voter is very confused by the negative advertising by the car manufacturers about the Right To Repair bill that is the No. 1 ballot question. 

We have worked on this for over 8 years and it has been passed and signed by Governor Patrick into law. The referendum vote is still very important because it reinforces the fact that the citizens want the freedom to get their car repaired where they want and not be forced to return the the new car dealer. 

We got 120,000 signatures and that put it on the ballot. The car manufacturers are telling people don't bother to vote and recommending they vote NO. 

The vote should be a YES and that is what the public wants. 


Thank you 
Barry Steinberg 
Direct Tire and Auto Service, Watertown



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