LETTER: Watertown Youth Coalition Urges Voters to Learn about Medical Marijuana Question

Voters will be asked to vote on Question 3, to decide whether to eliminate criminal and civil penalties related to marijuana for people with certain medical conditions.

To Editor:

On November 6th, voters will be asked to vote on Question 3.

A YES VOTE would enact the proposed law eliminating state criminal and civil penalties related to the medical use of marijuana, allowing patients meeting certain conditions to obtain marijuana produced and distributed by new state-regulated centers or, in specific hardship cases, to grow marijuana for their own use. [Editor's Note: Information from the Massachusetts Secretary of State's Ballot Question Description]

As a community Coalition that focuses on promoting healthy youth decision-making, we encourage voters to be informed of both sides of this important issue in order to make an informed decision on election day.

Below we have included some of the MANY links to information about the pros and cons of legalizing medical marijuana and trust that you will find this information useful in your decision making. 


General Information about Question 3: 









Thank you,
Watertown Youth Coalition Steering Comittee


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