LETTERS: 2 Watertown Residents Support Elizabeth Warren for the Mass. Senate Seat

Jeffrey Krasner writes that he does not like Scott Brown's campaign tactics and Pia Owens had Warren as a professor and supports her because she "cares for the middle class."


To the editor:

One version of “the big lie” in politics is for a candidate to take the very worst thing they are guilty of, and accuse their opponent of the same behavior. That is what Scott Brown did Thursday (Oct. 17) when he claimed that Elizabeth Warren had paid actors to appear in campaign ads praising her for her work on behalf of asbestos-poisoning victims. 

That tactic backfired terribly for Brown. First, children of asbestos victims came forward to call him on that lie. Then, attention focused on the story in the Boston Herald (Oct. 17) exposing Brown’s actual sleazy tactic: paying homeless men and others $8 an hour to wear T-shirts supporting Brown. 

Sure, Scott Brown apologized for his comment about the children of asbestos victims. He also apologized a few weeks ago when members of his campaign staff made racist American Indian chants and gestures at a campaign event a few weeks ago in an apparent attempt to mock Elizabeth Warren’s native heritage. 

Apologizing for sleazy, racist and disrespectful campaign tactics isn’t what I want in a senator. I want a senator who stands on his or her own record and tells the truth. That’s why I’m voting for Elizabeth Warren for Senate on Nov. 6.



Jeffrey Krasner 
Gay Road, Watertown


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On my first day in Elizabeth Warren's bankruptcy class, five years ago, I showed up prepared. I knew her reputation as a stellar but tough teacher who tolerated no excuses.

But on that first day, we didn't crack a book. Before wading into the complex thicket of law that she knows like the back of her hand, Elizabeth launched into an impassioned defense of the American middle class. Bankruptcy, she told us, was not a bailout for people who lived lavishly on credit card debt. Bankruptcy was a lifeline for hardworking people who were unexpectedly hit by tragedy –often divorce, illness, death, or a combination of the three – that drained the resources they had worked so hard to build up. The American middle class had been squeezed to the point that families were one catastrophe away from poverty.

That was in 2007, before the economic collapse, before we understood the extent of the mortgage foreclosure crisis. As I know firsthand, Elizabeth Warren is not feeding us a line about caring about the middle class so she can get elected. She has dedicated her formidable career to standing up against powerful forces in the financial industry and fighting for us.

That's what we need in Washington – someone who never gets caught up in party politics, and never loses focus on the American people. Vote for Elizabeth Warren on November 6th.


Pia Owens
Winsor Avenue, Watertown

DZ October 23, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Exactly!! I agree. Browns campaign tactics proves, he is a gutter player like the rest of the right wing in Washington. Warren has my vote!


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