Lots to Do at the Faire on the Square

I look forward to the Faire on the Square every year.

I look forward to the Faire on the Square every year. I enjoy walking around and stopping at the tables of various companies and community groups in town.

I might learn about a company's new product at one table and find out about a community group running some great programs that I wasn't aware of at another. Just about every table has information-to-go, such as fliers, brochures and perhaps sample newsletters, and I find it quite helpful to take some home to peruse later.

Two stages host singers and dancers, and with various genres of music represented, I usually can find something good to check out. Last year, someone I knew years ago when he was a young teenager playing in a rock band with some friends was part of a duo performing at the Faire. It was fun to see someone I hadn't seen in years. Of course, it's always great to run into people I know when I'm walking around at the Faire, though I don't always run into as many folks as I think I will.

Since I'm not there with children I don't know much about the kids' activities, though I do know there are a lot of things for kids, including pony rides.

And I can't forget to mention the food: lots of stands offer such a variety of foods that just about everyone can find something they'll like. I always make sure to stop by the Greek church's table to get one of their delicious gyros. I find them particularly tasty when the sandwich includes a lot of parsley, but I always pass on the tzatziki sauce because garlic is a main ingredient in it. (In a previous column, I wrote about my distaste for garlic.)

The table always has a long line and they sometimes run out of gyros before the Faire is done. I was quite upset one year when I got there too late, so I try to make sure to stop by and eat soon after I arrive. (I hope my writing about how good they are doesn't mean there'll be none left  by the time I get there this year; I'm not an early riser.)

Every year I come home with some pretty cool swag as well. At least one bank generally gives away tote bags, and they tend to be sturdy bags, rather than the useless, flimsy ones that one often gets as freebies.

I always have use for a tote bag, and it comes in handy at the Faire to carry around the information I pick up at various tables as well as other swag that I acquire, which might include a pen or two, pieces of candy and who knows what else. Getting a free pen doesn't sound like a big deal, but since most of my pens tend to end up either lost or useless, I'm always happy to get one. Though I have no idea why, it seems like my free promotional pens last longer than many of the pens that I purchase.

Being a bit of a political junkie, I always enjoy seeing what's going on politically, though all activity in that realm is limited to one small area in the fairgrounds. The Democratic Town Committee will have a table again this year at which anyone can participate in a straw poll on the Democratic candidates for Senate in 2012. I'll be doing a shift at that table late in the afternoon; if you think of it, stop by and introduce yourself.

The Watertown Patch will also have a table this year where you can get some information about our publication and sign up for our newsletter. I hope to spend some time at the Patch table as well. I can't tell you when I'll be there (because I don't know as yet), but if I'm there when you come by, I'll be sure to introduce myself to you.

Paul Angiolillo September 23, 2011 at 06:10 PM
Thanks for the "preview" of the Faire on the Square; I've only been to the tail-end of it; now I'll know better what to expect and what to look for.
Marian Ferro September 23, 2011 at 07:26 PM
Paul, Thanks for your comment. I'm glad I was able to give you some information you can use.


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