Bank Robbery Suspect Pleads Not Guilty, Held for Dangerousness Hearing

Man who allegedly robbed Belmont Savings Bank was arraigned in Waltham District Court Monday, but was not viewable by the public.

The man who allegedly robbed Belmont Savings Bank in Watertown Square on April 1 pleaded not guilty in Waltham District Court Monday afternoon. He will be held with no bail until Friday when he returns for a dangerousness hearing.

Richard Bonet Jr., 25, of Worcester, faces charges of masked armed robbery and a false report of a bomb. He was arraigned in front of Judge Gregory Flynn, but was not visible to the public.

Bonet's attorney, Arthur L. Kelly, won a motion to allow Bonet to sit behind a wall in the courtroom so his face could not be filmed.

Flynn ordered Bonet held with no bail until Friday at 10 a.m. when he will return for a hearing to determine if he poses a danger to the public, and therefore what will be the conditions of bail.

On April 1, Watertown Police responded to at 53 Mt. Auburn St. Because the robber said he had a bomb and left a package, police shut down the area around the bank while the State Police bomb squad investigated. The bag contained only an empty box.

less than two hours after the bank robbery in Boston. He allegedly was breaking into a home in Roxbury. Boston Police said he matched the description of the bank robbery suspect, and allegedly had a large amount of cash and a Belmont Savings bank slip with him.


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