Driver Accused of Kidnapping Perkins Student Did Not Have a License to Drive Children

WBZ-TV reports that the Clinton man accused of drunken driving and kidnapping also did not have a license to drive kids because of a criminal record and numerous driving infractions.

The bus driver arrested after he allegedly drove drunk and took a Perkins School for the Blind on an unwanted joyride does not have the proper license to drive children.

Michael Tantillo, 41, of Clinton, did not have the 7D driver's license required to drive the school van because he had a criminal record and a bad driving record, according to a report by WBZ-TV.

On Thursday, Tantillo was held on $50,000 bail and faces charges of drunken driving, kidnapping and child endangerment charges, WBZ reports.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles told WBZ-TV that Tantillo's application was denied because of his record. He has 15 driving offenses since 1988, WBZ reported.

Fox 25 reported that Tantillo's criminal record includes drug possession charges. 

Ride Rite, the Leominster-based school transportation company, said told WBZ that they thought the state was responsible for doing the background check. The company hired Tantillo despite not having the proper license.

Ride Rite is just one of multiple school transportation firms that take Perkins students to and from school.  

To read the entire WBZ report and see video, click here.


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