Lightning Strikes Watertown Home During Recent Thunder Storm

A Hillside Road resident noticed her home had been struck by lightning, but it did not cause a fire.


A Hillside Road resident noticed her home was struck during a brief but heavy thunderstorm that rolled through Watertown in the early hours of Oct. 20.

Watertown Firefighters had responded to another call on the street when they were approached by a resident who said her house had been hit by lightning at 3:44 a.m.

"The crews investigated the residence and found evidence of charring on the third floor where a decorative piece of plastic covering some wires had been blown off," the fire report reads.

Firefighters examined the home, looked in crawl spaces to see if any burning, heat or charring could be detected, but none was found, according to the report.

The strike did trip the home's circuit breaker. 

The Fire Department shut down fire to the home, and told residents they should contact their landlord and get an electrician to look at the electrical system, according to the report.


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