Man Who May Have Robbed Watertown Bank Arrested in Roxbury

Boston Police arrested a Worcester man when he tried to break into a home in Roxbury.

Boston Police officers arrested a 25-year old Worcester man who was attempting to break into a home, and they discovered he had a  large amount of cash which They say he had gotten from the robbery of the Belmont Savings Bank in Watertown.

At 10:33 a.m. Friday, , said Watertown Lt. Michael Lawn. The man received an undisclosed amount of money, and then fled the bank.

Police closed down the area around the plaza, on Mt. Auburn near Summer Street, while the State Police bomb squad was called to investigate. The bag did not contain a bomb, but instead had an empty cardboard box.

Boston police were called to 682 Parker Street at 11:47 a.m. and stopped a man who fit the description of the man seen trying to break into the home, according to Boston Police officials. The man tried to run, but was caught after a short chase.

Richard Bonet, 25, of Worcester, was arrested on charges of attempted breaking and entering, resisting arrest and possession of burglarious tools for the incident in Boston. He was taken to Boston Police Area B-2, in Roxbury, for booking.

"During the booking process, officers discovered that the suspect had a large amount of cash in his possession," the Boston Police report said. "Officers further discovered a deposit slip from a bank (Belmont Savings Bank) in Watertown that had been robbed earlier in the day."

Boston Police contacted the bank and Watertown Police to try to identify Bonet as the man who robbed the Belmont Savings Bank.

The suspect will be charged additionally for the bank robbery in Watertown, the Boston Police report said. 


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