OMGPD: Bad Place to Spend Counterfeit Cash, First-Name-Only Babysitter & More Police Oddities

Our weekly roundup of some of the more unusual police reports from around the Boston area. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

Did He Think No One Would Notice?

A 24-year-old Watertown man already dealing with the court system got into deeper trouble when he tried to pay court fees at the Brighton District Court House with counterfeit money. Police placed him under arrest after a short chase: http://patch.com/A-1lj0

Sorry, I Meant to Bring That Back

At noon, at the Highland Avenue/Cottage Avenue intersection, Needham police saw a woman pushing a shopping cart away from retail stores. Police say her taking the cart was an oversight, and she agreed to return it: http://patch.com/A-1ksG 

Concordians Call 911 for the Darndest Things:

  • Concord woman reported being followed by a Black Lab walking non-aggressively in the area of Nashawtuc Road and Main Street. Police checked the area, but did not locate the animal. http://patch.com/A-1d5R
  • An abandoned 911 call came in from Silver Hill Road. One the call back, Concord police spoke with a resident who said she made the call after hearing noises inside her residence, but now believes those noises were caused by her cat chasing a mouse: http://patch.com/A-1mW1 
  • A Monument Street resident called 911 to report a roadway obstruction in front of her home. Due to high winds, several barrels were in the roadway, the Concord police incident report said: http://patch.com/A-1jdk


Well, Then, if You're Going to be That Way, I'm Just Going to Take Your Donations and Go Home

A Woburn business reported a problem with a former employee. According to police, a Stoneham man was terminated from his job at the Sea Dog Brew Pub. Prior to leaving the property, employees believe the man took money from a donation jar at the restaurant. Police advised employees to call police if the man returns: http://patch.com/A-1gkJ

You Know, What's-Her-Name Who Takes Care of My Child

Also in Woburn, police responded to a report of a disturbance at a Salem Street apartment. According to police, a man reported arguing with a woman over babysitting payments. The man told police that he has known the woman for three years and she babysits for his child, but he does not know her last name. The woman left the apartment prior to police arrival: http://patch.com/A-1hY8


They're Rather Large to Misplace ...

Wayland Police said it appears a civil matter led to a call on Jan. 13 from a man claiming that a horse and mule were missing or possibly stolen from his property at 41 Concord Road. Police responded and learned that the animals in question had been boarded at the Concord Road property, but the animals' owner was behind in her payments to the boarder ... to the tune of about $2,000. The boarder called police after the animals were taken off his property without his permission. http://patch.com/A-1hq2 


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