Pair Arrested for Stealing Packages off Porch of Watertown Home

The man and woman allegedly stole the package from the front porch during the middle of the day.

Police arrested a couple from Watertown after they allegedly stole a package off the porch of a home.

A resident called police to report two people stealing a package from a home on Spring Street near Palfrey Street on Jan. 15 at 1:11 p.m., said Watertown Police Lt. Michael Lawn.

The couple was last seen on Palfrey Street heading toward Mt. Auburn Street, Lawn said, and officers located them on Irving Street.

"The male was carrying a package concealed under his sweatshirt," Lawn said. "Officers stopped the two individuals abd identified the package to be the one stolen from the spring street residence."

Brittany Hughes, 18, of 55 Webster St. in Watertown, and Joshua Del-Bosque, 19, of 44 Church St. in Watertown, both face charges of larceny from a building and receiving stolen property, Lawn said.

The description of the crime matches that of preivious thefts around Watertown, Lawn said, and police are investigating further.

Dawn January 19, 2013 at 01:28 AM
If they're still in Watertown Police Department, being held, Can't they be made to read Dueteronomy? Understanding the Commandments, God's laws, help with understanding societies laws!!!!! "Thou shalt not steal". If they had time to steal, they have time to read the Bible. If they know not how to read, can't a Police officer help them learn?
Mike Jones April 07, 2013 at 07:47 AM
No, being made to read Deuteronomy is cruel and unusual punishment...


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