Bomber Suspects Allegedly Kill MIT Cop, Injure Another

Police believe they have killed one of the marathon bombers. The second—the suspect pictured in a white hat—is still at large and considered extremely dangerous.

After a chaotic Wednesday filled with false media reports and angry denials by law enforcement, the FBI on Thursday released video and photos of two suspects in Monday's marathon bombing.

By the late evening, however, a seemingly unrelated police shooting on the MIT campus turned into a harrowing all-night ordeal in Watertown, where two suspects—now believed to be the marathon bombers—tossed explosives at police from a moving car before getting into a firefight with officers.

Terrified Watertown residents were ordered to stay in their homes as police shot and killed one of the suspects. The second remains at large and is considered armed and dangerous.

The blocks around Copley Square are expected to remain locked down for days as law enforcement officials continue their search for who is responsible. Details did emerge about the explosive devices themselves, which surgeons said were packed with "small pellets and sharp 'nail-like' objects that were designed to maim their victims," the New York Times reported.

Several victims, including an 8-year-old boy who died, were children. The boy, Martin Richard of Dorchester, was reportedly at the race to watch his father, Bill, run the marathon. His mother and sister were also reportedly injured in the explosions.

also died as a result of the blast, multiple sources have confirmed. She was a 2001 graduate of Medford High.

A Boston University graduate student has been identified as the third victim of Monday's Boston Marathon bombings, according to BU Today. Chinese national Lu Lingzi is being remembered here in Boston and back home. Lingzi was reportedly watching the race with two other BU students near the finish line. 


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The FBI has issued a national tip line for any information related to today's bombings. Anyone with information can call 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), and select prompt #3.

"No piece of information or detail is too small," wrote the FBI in the release.

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Updates Below

4:12 p.m. The FBI will hold another press conference regarding the Boston Marathon investigation at 5 p.m. today


12:15 p.m.: President Obama is now speaking at the interfaith service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in the South End.

He began his remarks by reflecting on Monday's events.

"It was a beautiful day to be in Boston..." he said. "And then in an instant, the day's beauty was shattered. The celebration became a tragedy.

"Every one of us has been touched by this attack on your beloved city. Every one of us stands with you," Obama continued. "Because after all, it's our beloved city too. Boston may be your hometown, but we claim it too. It's one of America's iconic cities. It's one of the world's great cities."

He also spoke of his time as a law student "across the river" at Harvard University, and the time he spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

"Boston, you're my home," Obama said. "For millions of us, what happened on Monday is personal. It's personal."

He also referenced all three of those killed in Monday's explosions, including Krystle Campbell of Medford, Lu Lingzi of China and Martin Richard of Dorchester.

Obama also spoke of the resilience shown by the people of Boston in the wake of the tragedy.

"You will run again," he said. "Because that's what the people of Boston are made of. You're resolve is the greatest rebuke to whoever created this heinous attack. If they sought to intimidate, us to terrorize us... well it should be pretty clear by now that they picked the wrong city to do it. Not here in Boston. Not here in Boston."

The president also offered a message to those responsible for the bombings.

"Yes, we will find you, and yes, you will face justice," he said.



11:33 a.m. Boston Police say to expect crime scene area to remain impacted today. Investigation continues. 


10:30 a.m.: President Obama has arrived at Logan Airport in Boston. He is now on his way to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in the South End, where he is scheduled to speak around noon at an interfaith service.

A White House spokesperson said Obama "worked on his speech himself and will speak about the resilience of the people of Boston."

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is already at the church, one of many political figures expected to attend the service.


8:00 a.m. The City of Boston's Resource & Information Center at the City Year Boston Offices, 287 Columbus Ave., are open today from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. City updates: http://t.co/Pya3HZmqvv



7:40 p.m. The FBI press briefing for tonight at 8 p.m. has been cancelled. No reason given. This was to replace the 5 p.m. briefing postponed following the bomb scare at the Moakley Federal Courthouse Wednesday afternoon. 


5:10 p.m.: Copley Station will remain closed on Thursday, according to Mass DOT.


4:27 p.m. - Today's press media briefing on the Marathon bombings has been postponed in light of today's events at Moakley Courthouse. 


4:10 pm. The City of Boston's 24-Hour Hotline is: 617-635-4500. For counseling by phone, the @healthyboston Mayor's Health Line is 617-534-5050.


4 p.m. The Moakley Federal Courthouse is closed for the rest of the day following evacuations due to bomb threat.


3:53 p.m. Boston Police announced an updated perimeter to the Boston Marathon crime scene Wednesday afternoon:http://bit.ly/11e2GdB


3:15 p.m. Moakley Federal Courthouse is in "Code Red" evacuation. Reports of a bomb threat. Patch Editor Bret Silverberg on scene says there is a very large police presence right now. It is a very confusing scene with a lot of people involved. 


1:40 p.m. Some outlets are reporting an arrest is imminent or is already in place, but Patch has not been able to confirm


1:15 p.m. CNN is reporting that surveillance video taken from Lord & Taylor and a Boston television station have allowed investigators to identify a suspect in Monday's Boston Marathon bombings. More to come


12:45 p.m.: Residents of crime scene area in need of access to their pets should call Mayor's office 617.635.4500. If you need carrier/leash, call the Animal Rescue League of Boston at 657.777.2752.


12:35 p.m.: MBTA Spokesman Joe Pesaturo said the MBTA does not anticipate having to close any subway stations, but "security plans have not been finalized." Copley Station has been closed since Monday.


12:10 p.m.: Road closure update: Exit 22 on the Mass Pike is now open to the Prudential Center only. The ramp has been closed since Monday.

On the surface, police have still closed off an area roughly the shape of a triangle with Clarendon and Boylston streets, Huntington and Mass avenues, and Newbury Street at Mass Ave. as the points.


12:05 p.m.: Boston.com has published a list of victims in the Boston Marathon bombings Monday afternoon. As of noon Thursday, the list has identified 10 people by name, including two of the three people who died in the blast. Over 170 people were injured. Boston.com is updating the list as they get new information.


11:15 a.m.: Chinese newspapers have identified Lu Lingzi as the third marathon bombing victim. Lingzi was a grad student at Boston University.



8:15 p.m. MBTA Service Reminder: Copley Station will remain closed until further notice with Green Line service bypassing the station. 

6:45 p.m.: WHDH has two viewer photos that show a before and after of the second bombing site. The before image clearly shows a large shopping bag. That bag is missing from the after photo, which the station blurred due to its extremely graphic content.

The photos were submitted to the FBI for analysis, according to the station, which was careful to note that the images, while of interest, did not definitely show the explosive.


5:30 p.m.: The bombs that killed three people and injured more than 170 others contained fragments of BBs and nails in a pressure cooker style device, investigators said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

FBI special agent Richard DesLauriers said both of the explosives were placed in a dark colored bag or backpack. Pieces of black nylon consistent with a backpack were found at the scene. The bombs themselves appeared to have been composed of BBs and nails in a pressure cooker device.

So far, he said, there are no suspects.

"Regarding who might be responsible for this event, the investigation is in its infancy," DesLauriers said. "It could be a person, it could be persons.

"Rest assured, we are working hard to get the answers," he added. "At this time there are no claims of responsibility. The range of suspects and motives remains wide open."

Investigators are asking anyone who may have heard about a threat regarding the Boston Marathon or April 15 to contact them. They are also looking for information on anyone who may have been researching how to create explosive devices, anyone who heard noises or explosions prior to yesterday and anyone who may have seen someone carrying an unusual or heavy, dark colored bag around the time of the blasts.

Already, more than 2,000 tips have been received.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said "in true Boston fashion," the city has received many offers of help and assistance. He said a website has been set up – onefundboston.org – where people can make donations.

"This tragedy is not going to stop Boston," Menino said. "We are Boston, we are one community, and we will not let terror take us over."

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick echoed Menino's sentiments, saying the bombings will not stop the Boston Marathon from continuing in future years.

"This is a painful and tragic lesson, but we will learn from this as well, and next year's marathon will be even bigger and better," he said.


3:40 p.m. Marathon Sports, which was the location of one of the explosions, released a statement Tuesday afternoon.

"As Bostonians – which we ALL are on Marathon Monday, native or not – we are strong, stubborn New Englanders to the core. As runners – we are unified through love for one another, love for our sport, love for the thrill of crossing finish lines, and for (sometimes) beating the clock.

"Yesterday’s events will cause us to cherish those triumphs all the more, in honor of those who no longer can. Know this: Boston will not stop running. We will run again, and we owe it to those who can’t."

Here's the whole statement.


3:23 p.m. The next press update is scheduled for 5 pm. and will include law enforcement, Gov Patrick and Mayor Mayor Menino.


2:51 p.m. Boston.com reporting that airlines and hotels are waiving cancellation & trip change fees for people traveling to Boston.


1:22 p.m. - Park Plaza Castle has been set up as resource and information center. 


12:40 p.m. - Statement from Massachusetts General Hospital: MGH Blood Donor Center:

The outpouring of support from MGHers who wish to help in the wake of yesterday's tragic events has been overwhelming. We thank you and appreciate your willingness to lend a hand and desire to make a difference. Many have already visited the MGH Blood Donor Center, or planned to donate sometime this week. However, those interested in helping by donating blood at the MGH can be of greatest benefit by marking their calendar to donate instead either one or two weeks from today. Because blood is stored, it is important to replace supplies over the course of time. We know from the 9/11 experience that when too many donors give blood too soon that it unbalances the system. Staff at the Blood Donor Center will be happy to schedule an appointment for later April or in May. The MGH also is well-supported by the American Red Cross and those interested in donated to the Red Cross should be sure to call first in order to not overwhelm their capacity.


12:07 p.m. - Report: NECN says bombs were pressure cookers filled with metal ball bearings.


11:40 a.m. President Barack Obama called the bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line “an act of terrorism” and a “heinous and cowardly act,” during a short press briefing.

“Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is terror,” he said.

Obama said the government continues to mobilize to protect citizens and investigate the attack.

The president added that investigators are not sure whether the terrorism was domestic or foreign and whether it was conducted by an organization or an individual.

“We will find whoever harmed our citizens and we will bring them to justice,” Obama said.

Obama said there will be further briefings by law enforcement officials as the day progresses.


11:04 a.m @BostonGlobe reports that "Brigham and Women's doctor says Boston Marathon bombs included intentionally placed shrapnel." A doctor quoted as saying, "There is no question that some of these objects were implanted in the device for the purpose of being exploded forward."


10:45 a.m. WCVB is reporting the remaining two victims' identities are expected to be released by medical examiner later today


10:27 a.m. Police were called to the corner of Boylston and Dalton streets in Boston at approximately 10 a.m. Tuesday for a report of a suspicious package. Initial reports, not from police, indicated that the package was found in front of Capital Grille and had wires sticking out of it. A police bomb squad is on the scene. 


10 a.m. At a press conference this morning, Boston Police said that 176 people were injured in Monday's explosions. Three were killed, and 17 remain in critical condition.

No one is in custody at this time, and no additional threats have been identified, according to police.

"We will go to the ends of the earth to identify the subject or subjects who are responsible for this despicable crime," FBI Special Agent Rick DesLauriers said.

"We have a city that's resilient, a city that's working together," added Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. "One incident will not mark the city's history."


9:40 a.m. Gov. Deval Patrick has orderd that the U.S. flag and Commonwealth flag be lowered to half-staff at all state buildings until further notice.


8:50 a.m. Prudential Center, near the explosion sites, reports it is open today, but access is limited to Huntington Avenue entrance. Retailers can open at their discretion.


8:40 a.m. Information and resource center is open at 9 a.m. today at Park Plaza Castle. Find out more here.


8:05 a.m. Here's a list of school closings in the city today, including Emerson College and UMass-Boston.


7:55 a.m. The Trinity Episcopoal Church in Milford, at the corner of Congress and Exchange streets, will hold an interfaith prayer at 7 p.m. tonight.


7:50 a.m. Interfaith service planned at Arlington Street Church, 25 Arlington St., at 8 p.m. tonight.


7:40 a.m. The Boston Herald is reporting this morning that Boston Police, along with FBI, Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents, along with Homeland Security investigator assembled on two buildings at an Ocean Avenue apartment complex in Revere last night. 

The Herald is reporting it's unclear if the search was connected to the Boston Marathon bombings and media on scene Monday night said no information was given to them. 

Mike April 19, 2013 at 08:00 PM
Counter-proposition: Both of these brothers have been here since 2003, during the first Bush administration. Maybe it's time to start deporting nutjob conspiracy theorists.
Stephen Pohl April 19, 2013 at 08:17 PM
Mac, check your facts, as in documentation and not hearsay. Emerson is a fear monger, making money off radicals - just like the NRA does.
MAC April 19, 2013 at 09:24 PM
Most of the so called "journalists" are not getting out the facts, because they are so concerned to not offend Muslims, CAIR etc. and their friends in the White House! In over 2 hours of ABC today, before 3 p.m., they never mentioned that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had a Youtube channel on which he proudly showed Islamic extremist imams' anti-American beliefs, including urging teenage followers to become "Martyrs to Islam"! Nor did they mention that the younger brother, for whom the manhunt in Watertown, MA is ongoing, became a U.S. citizen on 9/11/2012! And of course, nary a mention of the Saudi national, scheduled to be deported on Tuesday, whose file says that it's for “security and related grounds."..."sources told TheBlaze that the Saudi national had ties to a well-connected Saudi family and that his deportation was set to be framed as a 'voluntary' departure to be with his family."... "Our source said the FBI believes the Saudi student is tied to 2 to 3 more people."
 "Our source said this “looks like they were trying to make this a ‘lone wolf’ crime so, the Saudi government would be spared embarrassment and the U.S. would avoid explaining how a terror cell was active when we had AQ on the run.”… theblaze.com/stories/2013/04/18/report-saudi-national-ruled-out-as-suspect-in-boston-marathon-bombings-to-be-deported-on-national-security-grounds-next-week/ You have to go to alternate media, the internet, talk radio, to get the inconvenient Truth!!
OpportunistWatch April 19, 2013 at 09:49 PM
Horrible to think noone in MA noticed this terror cell of white Chechnyan rebels. This is getting very bad in New England. We here in CT can tell you that after Sandy Hook we have seen enough. I can remember like yesterday another terrorist from America name Baruch Goldstein who mass murdered 29 innocent people in 1994. All these radicals running around in the USA whether Muslim, Christian or Jewish must be better tracked better by those who are suppose to protect us. These terrorists from Chechnya were here for along time. Come on wake up people.
Crh April 20, 2013 at 02:40 AM
Hey Matthew, our legal rights in the constitution include freedom of speech so if you don't like what folks post here just move on and keep your whining to your holy-er than thou self.


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