String of Car Vandalism Seen in Watertown

Windows were smashed on cars on several streets.

Numerous Watertown residents discovered someone smashed the window of their cars.

On Jan. 12 at 1:27 a.m.,  police received a call from Forest Street about a car that had its back window completely broken, said Watertown Police Lt. Michael Lawn. The car was left there at 7 p.m. on Jan. 11.

At 2:33 a.m., police went to Walcott Road for a car that had its rear windshield completely broke, Lawn said. It had been parked there since 7:20 the previous night.

A Bennett Road resident reported at 8:36 a.m. that the rear window of the vehicle was smashed overnight, Lawn said.

A vehicle parked on Oliver Street had two windows broken – the left rear window and the rear windshield. Lawn said. The windows appeared to be broken by a rock.


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