Watertown Man Arrested for Damaging Car After Driver Refused to Drive Him Home

Boston Police arrested the 23-year-old man after he allegedly smashed the mirror of a car on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston.

Boston Police arrested a Watertown man after he allegedly smashed the mirror of a car after the driver refused to give him a ride home from Allston.

According to Boston Police, at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, Pat Malstedt, 23, of Watertown, opened the back door of a car and got into the back and said he would pay $100 for a ride home. The driver, who did not know Malstedt, refused and told him "keep his money and get our of his car," according to the BPDnews.com report.

Malstedt allegedly got out and smashed the passenger-side mirror and then ran into T Anthony's Pizzeria on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston.

Police officers arrived at the scene and went into the pizzeria. When he saw police, Malstedt allegedly tried to avoid officers by running through the kitchen to go out the backdoor, but he was caught and arrested.

Malstedt faces a charge of willful and malicious destruction of property, according to Boston Police.


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