Council Worried About Late Start for Road Work in Watertown

Town Council President said he does not like the idea of repairs on some streets beginning in late October.

November starts next week, but road repairs for some roads in Watertown is scheduled to begin soon. That bothered Town Council President Mark Sideris, in part because residents of those streets have not received notice about the work.

Along with the lack of information, Sideris said at Tuesday's Town Council meeting that he worries about the quality of the work.

"My concern is it is Oct. 23 and we are beginning road and sidewalk work," Sideris said. "It benefits the taxpayers to get top quality work."

The Town Council approved $2.5 million in borrowing to help pay for the approximately $6 million in roadwork planned for 2012. The majority of the funds are being used to totally rebuild Waverley Avenue from Main Street to Orchard Street, along with a couple side streets.

Sideris said he wants an update on how it the work is going.

"How many are actually done, and why start after Oct. 23?" Sideris said. "Last year on Oct. 31 we had a snowstorm." 

Residents of the streets being repaved may need time to review the proposal and even get approval from the Zoning Board if their driveway or something else does not meet the town's zoning standards, said Town Councilor Cecilia Lenk.

"I am chair of the Public Works Subcommittee and we identified streets very early," Lenk said. "Except for a couple streets, little has gotten done."

Some of the work is planned for Capitol and Eliot streets, off Galen Street in the South End. Sideris said there may be driveways that do not meet the width requirement of 11-foot for a single driveway or 22-feet for a double driveway.

Residents need the chance to get a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals, but they have not had the chance because they have not been alerted, said Sideris, who lives in the neighborhood.

g buthead October 26, 2012 at 07:48 PM
only in mayberry


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