Hecht Looks to Get Back to a 'Shared Prosperity' During His Senate Campaign Kick-off

The Watertown State Representative is looking to fill the senate seat occupied by Steven Tolman.

Jonathan Hecht's primary goal as a state senator would be working toward a shared prosperity, rather than one just for the few, he said at a campaign kick-off event Saturday.

“We need to be working, all of us, on getting back to a vision of shared prosperity,” Hecht said. “The last 20 or 30 years, we have moved away from that idea.

“Prosperity just for a few or just for the people who are connected is against what we as a country and what people are about in this area.”

To build the foundation of a “shared prosperity,” Hecht said he would like to see more invested in health care, education and the environment.

Campaign Headquarters

Hecht and his supporters gathered at his campaign headquarters. The storefront, formerly Suphi Furs, sits in a key intersection in the Second Suffolk and Middlesex district, said John Airasian, a co-chairman of the campaign.

It sits at the intersection of Mt. Auburn and Belmont streets, and is in Watertown, but the stores on the other side of the street are in Cambridge, and the Belmont line is just a few hundred feet away.

Airasian said he has admired the work that Hecht has done as a state representative.

“I hold Jon in high regards. I have been involved in this town for 45 years, and I have never seen someone make such an impact in such a short amount of time,” Airasian said.

Airasian added that he admires that Hecht does not take contributions from special interest groups or lobbiests.

The other campaign co-chair, Bob Kaprielian, said he likes Hecht’s style.

“He really is the real deal,” Kaprielian said. “He is always thinking ... he is working for what would be best for the people who he represents.”

Key Race for Watertown

The primary of the special election to fill the seat held by Steven Tolman will take place Dec. 13. Hecht called the race a sprint, and thanked his supporters for their work.

"I welcome all my supporters, who have campaigned for me in the heat of the summer and the cold of winter, starting today,” Hecht said.

The Second Suffolk and Middlesex seat has been occupied people from Watertown or with close ties, as Warren Tolman of Watertown, was replaced by his brother, Steven, who lives in Brighton but grew up in town.

Airasian said Watertown has a unique opportunity in this election.

“After this election, the district will change a lot, and almost half will be in Boston,” Airasian said. “This is probably the last time that Watertown has a chance to have someone in that seat.”

The district includes all of Watertown and Belmont, a large chunk of Cambridge and parts of Boston, including Brighton, parts of Allston, the Back Bay and the Fenway. After redistricting, the current plan calls for the precincts in Cambridge to be removed, and more of Boston to be added.

Hecht faces former Watertown Fire Fighter and president of the state’s firefighters union president Robert McCarthy  Belmont State Rep. William Brownsberger and Boston attorney Tim Schofield — who have all officially declared — and possible others, including former Watertown Town Council President Clyde Younger.

Airasian said he thinks there is one key to victory.

“This is a special election, not a normal one,” Airasian said. “The winner will be the one who gets people out to vote.”

Desiree November 01, 2011 at 01:50 PM
Let's hope that before he leaves, he can do something about the walmart plan. (Can anything be done to prevent it?)
Lisa Feltner November 03, 2011 at 04:52 PM
Go Jon! I think there are many folks in Watertown who don't even realize all he has already done for us, because he is much more humble than most politicians, giving credit to community volunteers. He is smart, dedicated and will help Watertown even more in this Senate position. Vote for Jon Hecht on Dec 13!


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