N.J. Gov. Christie Calls Scott Brown a 'Problem Solver' at Rally in Watertown

The Republican Convention's keynote speaker came up to Massachusetts to support Scott Brown's re-election campaign.


The crowd of supporters at Watertown's Aegean Restaurant Wednesday greeted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie with almost as much enthusiasm as the man they were there to see - Republican Sen. Scott Brown.

The man who gave the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention was in town to support a man who he said is not just Republican but someone willing to work with people on all sides.

"I'm not up here just because Scott's a Republican, I’m up here more because he is a problem solver," Christie said. "That's what we need in American government today, someone who can solve problems, who knows how to bring people together, who knows how to make a difference in this country. We can no longer hold on to past partisan ties. We’ve got to work together."

More than 100 supporters crammed into the parking lot at the Aegean Restaurant. Brown thanked the owners for hosting his event.

"They did build it themselves, folks," Brown said. "They are continuing to build and grow and expand and grow and provide a service to this community."

Brown said he admires Christie's work in New Jersey to solve major problems by working with Democrats, including balancing the budget. That issue is one he wants to work on in Washington.

"I understand we do need a balanced budget. I am in support of a balanced budget amendment," Brown said. "My opponent (Elizabeth Warren) calls balancing the budget a trick. I know it’s getting close to Halloween, but it’s not a trick."

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Watertown's Russ Arico said he likes Brown's record of working with everyone to do what is right for Massachusetts.

"What's most important with Scott Brown is you know he is doing things for one reason, to do the right thing, not because of partisan politics," Arico said. 

Arico said he worries that Warren would make decisions in line with the Democratic party, including energy policies. Getting the United States energy independent is an important issue for Arico.

Jay Dwyer, of the Greater Waltham Tea Party, walked around the rally with a sign saying "The Voters are Coming!" While Brown trails Warren in the most recent polls, Dwyer said he thinks the voters will come out and support Brown like they did in the special election two years ago.

"A few days before the election, the Boston Globe said Martha Coakley was up 16 percent but she didn't win," Dwyer said. 

K Coyne October 24, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Mmm Chris Christie interesting. If Senator Brown was trying to disassociate himself with the rest of the Republican party, for the Independent vote..Mr Christie would not be the person I would choose.
Richard Marcus October 25, 2012 at 11:07 PM
If Elizabeth Warren was there, the crowd would have numbered closer to 500!


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