Republican Congressional Hopefuls Take Aim at Markey, the Economy at Watertown Event

The two GOP candidates running for the 5th Congressional District spoke to voters at the Shutt Detachment this week.

Two Republican candidates for Massachusetts’ 5th Congressional District say 36 years is enough for Democrat Edward Markey, and they want to cut spending by the Federal government and improve the economy.

Lexington’s Jeff Semon and Frank Addivinola of Malden met with GOP supporters in Watertown this week at a .

Addivinola said Markey has lost touch with what the public wants, and criticized his support of environmental regulations.

“Markey says environmental regulations stimulates job growth,” Addivnola said. “ I object to that – regulations impede progress.”

In an MSNBC interview Markey said he believes jobs are created by driving innovation in new technology to meet the regulations.

Semon said President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are “engaging in class warfare.”

“They have not choice. There are no results they can point to,” said Semon, who said he does not agree with the idea that for some to succeed others must fail.

Reducing the Federal budget will mean cutting some funds for social programs, Addivinola said.

“It’s a tough choice, but some people on entitlement programs are going suffer as we reduce entitlement programs,” Addivinola said.

Semon said he does not think people will have to suffer to cut the budget. Social Security and Medicare need to be reformed, and he said he likes Congressman Paul Ryan’s proposal where people have more choice in where to put health care dollars.

Reducing the federal deficit is a priority of both candidates, and they both had ideas for how to improve the economy.

If elected, Semon said he would make repealing the health care reforms known as “Obamacare” a priority, if the Supreme Court has not struck the legislation down. He also would like to change the federal tax.

“I want to reform the tax code, flatten it and reduce it,” Semon said.

Business owners want to have more certainty so they can make decisions about their business.

“Business owners want to hire, but it is unclear about what will be coming down the line," Addivinola said. "If they are going to take a risk they want to know what the consequences are before doing it.”

Semon said he opposes expiring tax cuts because it leads to uncertainty, and he does not like earmarks in the Congressional budget.

Giving a line-item veto power would be a good idea, Addivinola said, and he does not like “clustering of bills” because it allows special interests to be approved by being connected to a bill on an unrelated subject.

The two differed on their approach to foreign aid, but both said they would like to manage it differently.

“I think it should be used as a last resort in negotiating with countries to avoid military action,” Addivinola said. “It should be given as an endorsement to countries that align their policies and values with the United States.”

Semon said he believes foreign aid is needed to help United States’ allies and to help soldiers and other Americans working overseas. He would like to change how the amount is determined, and not have guaranteed aid year after year.

“Foreign aid does some good, but the idea that it is bench marked to the previous year is outrageous,” Semon said. “It should start over each year.”

John DiMascio May 25, 2012 at 06:48 AM
Jeff has the right idea with respect to entitlement reform. He's also right about economic growth being the key to eliminating the deficit and tackling the debt. We certainly need to cut the Federal Government. Programs which are the purview of the States, need to be sent back to the states. People who paid in to the Social Security system, who are now retired or legitimately disabled, are for the most part citizens. So when Frank Addivinola says he doesn't expect citizens to suffer, just those receiving entitlements, he's telling millions that they lost citizenship because they are receiving entitlements. What part of the constitution Frank is finding that I'm not sure. Certainly those who are not here legally shouldn't be receiving a dime of assistance. Those who can do for themselves but refuse should be dropped from the rolls. Most importantly the overhead costs of delivering funds and service to those who legitimately receive Social Security, Medicare and so forth, needs to be radically diminished. But that doesn’t mean we have to make people suffer. So while I understand the sentiments Frank Addivinola, was trying to express, such carelessly worded statements play in to Ed Markey's hands. Markey will eat his lunch in the general election should win the primary and keep making careless statements like that. Semon, clearly bested him in that exchange.
Just saying May 26, 2012 at 04:04 AM
Frank Addivinola is the chair of the Boston Ward 3 Republican Ward Committee. Why didn't he mention that aspect of his resume? Could it be that to be a member of the Boston City Committee, one has to live in Boston. In fact Frank Addivinola lives in Boston's North End. That's not in 5th Congressional District. So Frank tells us he grew up in Malden. Well Ed Markey at least has a house in Malden even though he rarely sets foots in it. Why should Republicans living in the 5th Congressional district vote for a guy who doesn't live in the district and who remains the Chair of Boston Ward Committee? One of our biggest gripes against Ed Markey is that he's an absentee Congressman. If we nominate Frank Addivinola we lose that as a campaign issue.
Constitutionalist May 26, 2012 at 10:41 PM
Hello Brad, Please read the Constitution - see Article I, Section II, Clause II. I have seen his resume on his website http://www.frankaddivinola.com - it is very impressive. Don't think he cares about bragging about being a ward committee chairman - that is as silly as bragging about being endorsed by the same. His opponent moved to the district 1 years before annuncing and he says "Lexington is his hometown". He grew up in NY. Frank says his family moved to Malden in 1927, was born there, graduated high school and that he lived there till he was 35 - seems to have deep roots in the district to me. Lets let the voter decide who represnts their best interests. Someone who has real experience and not "smoke and mirrors".
John DiMascio May 27, 2012 at 01:22 AM
The question raised by Just Saying is not defining, But it is a fair one. Frank has been very active as the in Boston's 3rd Ward and his home Congressional District I believe would be the 6th. He's shown commitment to GOP politics in that District. The question raised by Just Saying isn't a defining question. But It's not unfair for folks living in the 5th to wonder why hasn't already moved in to the 5th. That would show us a commitment to the district. Otherwise he appears to be telling us, he will only choose to make a commitment to the district if he wins the election. So to simply brush the question off by saying will fulfill the minimum Constitutional Requirement is not entirely respectful to the voters. This is something Frank needs to address. Jeff Semon, lives in the district. He announced and has since been traveling around the district presenting his proposals. None of which seem like smoke and mirrors to me. And I say this as someone who supported Dembrowski over Semon when Gerry was still running for Congress.
John DiMascio May 27, 2012 at 01:22 AM
No one is accusing Frank of lacking substance. Someone asked a legitimate question, especially since so much was made about Markey's residence in the last election. Both of these candidates have substance and they are both by far better than Ed Markey. Republicans have a choice to make. Part of that choice is deciding who is more electable. With electability will be the matter or perceptions. Frank needs to address this question of residency and perceived commitment. I'm sure there are questions that will arise that Jeff needs to answer. Whether or not his candidacy has substance is not one of them in my opinion.
John DiMascio May 27, 2012 at 02:59 AM
It is my understanding the Jeff Semon grew up in Norwood not in New York. When he moved to Lexington I don't know. But he is from Massachusetts and attended U Mass Amherst. So let's not be spreading misleading information guys. No one has said anything false about Frank Addivinola. I wouldn't tolerate that either.
Sarah Marie May 31, 2012 at 02:00 AM
Besides his nonexistent policy plans, Boston residency, and evident split commitment, Frank is generally manipulative of his experience/qualifications and snarky in his remarks. I am behind Jeff 110% - He is the ONLY qualified, viable candidate in the MA-5 race to beat Markey. Regadles of your party affiliation, I encourage you to learn more about Jeff Semon, try to get out to hear him speak, ask him questions, etc. - With time you will realize he is a fantastic, quick-witted individual, a man that you will want to represent YOU in DC. (www.jeffin2012.com)
John DiMascio May 31, 2012 at 04:57 AM
Just to clarify my previous comment for the sake of accuracy: I did some more research and here is the deal with Jeff's residency. Jeff Semon grew up in Norwood MA then moved to the Hudson Valley in NY state for middle school and high school when his father got a job there. After high school he chose to attend Umass Amherst - School of Management and upon graduation he moved to Boston where he lived until 2009. He moved to Lexington MA in 2009 when he married his wife Nicole. He has been active in the Lexington community and Lexington is actually in the Massachusetts' 5th district.
John DiMascio May 31, 2012 at 05:11 AM
Gerry Dembrowski pounded Ed Markey on his residency. So much so that I have Democrat friends working on Beacon Hill as aids, that voted for Gerry because of this issue. We'll need every vote we can get in November, we can't give up any issue. As Republicans we have higher standard. I like Frank personally, I think both Jeff and Frank would make good congressman. But if Joe Kennedy can move to Brookline before the election, so should Frank move in to the 5th district and ask to join his local Republican Town Committee.
Constitutionalist May 31, 2012 at 10:47 PM
2 Sarah Marie: As far as I can tell, Frank has pretty extensive policy plans and anybody can see it on his website. Not sure what you refer to as “split commitment”... that he is a chair of his ward in Boston? I understand that nobody wanted that position and Frank had to step in so the ward can be organized. I am sure that if Boston GOP can find a replacement, Frank will gladly pass it on to them. Sarah, it is fine that you are 110% behind Jeff and, frankly, while I think Jeff is certainly better than Ed Markey, don’t be saying here that Frank is “manipulative of his experience/qualifications” unless you can support it. It’s actually the opposite. I heard both Frank and Jeff speak and I can tell you that with Frank – what you see is what you get. He is not disguising his record or experience like Jeff does. Here are some examples: 1. Jeff says he is “from Lexington” and even called it his “hometown”. You can see from another poster above that he moved there in 2009 (in December to be more precise). That obviously doesn’t make one “from” Lexington, and definitely NOT his “hometown”. 2. Jeff was calling himself a “businessman” and even “successful businessman”. What businesses did he start? Has he ever signed the front of anyone’s paycheck?
Constitutionalist May 31, 2012 at 10:48 PM
Sarah (continued) 3. He states he has a “business degree”. In a professional world, business degree usually means an MBA. Jeff’s got most likely a baccalaureate with a business major. On the other hand, Frank has MBA and several other degrees. Not that it is necessary to run for office, but talking about experience/qualifications manipulation, I’m not sure you’re referring to the right candidate here. 4. Jeff says he manages multimillion dollar budgets. Is he an executive? CFO? How many people are reporting to him? Who is he reporting to? President? Chairman? That is obviously an overstatement. Financial analysts don’t manage budgets; they collect data, do research and present it to people who make executive decisions. Your statement that Jeff is “the ONLY qualified” candidate lacks bases. As we all know, to be qualified one must be at least 25 years old and US citizen for at least 7 years. So, both are qualified. Now, if you want to talk about professional, educational or other accomplishments... it’s not clear what makes Jeff stand out as the “only qualified” candidate. I see Frank’s credentials on his website and he even has a detailed resume there (http://www.frankaddivinola.com/frank_about.htm), while Jeff’s record is unclear and so far it appears that he is the one making representations that are not supported by the facts.
Constitutionalist May 31, 2012 at 10:48 PM
Sarah, I would challenge you, Sarah Marie, to come up with examples where Frank Addivinola embellishes his qualifications before you make unsubstantiated claims about manipulations. It seems like you heard Frank speak, so it should be easy for you. We can then clarify any inconsistencies with the candidates themselves and set the record straight. Voters would benefit. So far, while Jeff seems to be a nice fellow, I observe that he makes ambiguous statements. And I am not feeling too comfortable with such person becoming my congressman, we have too many guys like that there already. And it only gets worse when they are elected.
Constitutionalist May 31, 2012 at 10:49 PM
John DiMascio John DiMascio, thank you for finding out the details – I’m glad I wasn’t spreading false information. I think we can agree that going to middle and high school in New York, doesn’t make one “grow up” in Norwood MA. Father got a job? Hmmm… So much for “Growing up I watched my mother, a single parent…” (that's what he has on his website) I guess, we can add this inconsistency to the list I built above. With all fairness, while I don’t think it is relevant to the campaign, it just makes me think: What else he is saying that may not be true? Or not 100% true? Believe me, they all get corrupt when they go to Washington, but I would like to see the candidate at least start off straight and clear.
Constitutionalist May 31, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Hello John, (continued) John DiMascio, thank you for finding out the details – I’m glad I wasn’t spreading false information. I think we can agree that going to middle and high school in New York, doesn’t make one “grow up” in Norwood MA. Father got a job? Hmmm… So much for “Growing up I watched my mother, a single parent…” (that's what he has on his website) I guess, we can add this inconsistency to the list I built above. With all fairness, while I don’t think it is relevant to the campaign, it just makes me think: What else he is saying that may not be true? Or not 100% true? Believe me, they all get corrupt when they go to Washington, but I would like to see the candidate at least start off straight and clear. I don’t think that nominating Frank we would give up the issue of Markey’s residency. Markey doesn’t live in Mass. If I live in Ashland, I don’t care where my congressman lives as far as district goes. Whether it’s Malden, Boston, Melrose… if it’s not Ashland or neighboring towns - it’s all the same to me.
Constitutionalist May 31, 2012 at 10:52 PM
Hello John, Yeah, Frank could rent some place in the district and say that he lives in the district. If he was a sleazeball, he would do that. I respect the fact that he is at least being straight forward about that. I’m sure he’ll move to the district eventually and definitely if elected. But you want to know really why I think I’ll support Frank? Let’ not kid ourselves. I’ve been watching this game long enough - nobody will beat Markey on the first run (sorry, candidates :)). And especially not this year when Obama is running for re-election and all Mass. dems (inluding the dead ones) will come out to vote. Unless something like Tierney’s issue emerges. But even with that, Tisei has an uphill battle. I talk to people in his district and they don’t care (or don’t even know) about Tierney's problems. Bielat won't win... sad. Heck, I even worry about Brown! It will take more than one try to unseat Markey. How many? I don’t know… So far, Frank said he’d run again and Jeff will not. I know many activists don’t care about it, but I do. As for Gerry, I really liked what he did in his campaign, but even with that he only got 32% of the vote. Evidently, Markey’s residency issue being pounded this year will not close such wide gap.
John DiMascio June 04, 2012 at 12:22 PM
Constitutionalist your rants are pretty pathetic. Your claim was that Jeff was from New York. That's nonsense. And if you want to talk about margins by which others lost, didn't Frank only manage to get 25% of the vote in his State Senate race? Look I'm doing my best to simply provide analysis, but Mr. Constitutionalist you want to insist on attacking Jeff personally. Frank's residency is a legitimate issue. But no one has taken a cheap shot at Frank when raising it. You insist on taking shots at Simon, Bielat, even Brown. If you think you're helping Frank by sounding like the thug, you're not. Show little class.
Rivka Avraham June 05, 2012 at 06:42 PM
Ed Markey's views on Man-made climate change and Green Energy projects are the same as the Congressman's name: he's Ed Malarkey.
Bruce Dame June 08, 2012 at 02:51 AM
You must not have heard the news reports today about the year's record annual heat index. Hottest year in US history. Maybe those thousands of deluded scientist all over the world are being proven right after all. This is what they predicted based upon scientific research. How can the GOP be so willingly ignorant when the very existence of humankind is at stake?
David Lahr June 08, 2012 at 05:13 PM
It's kind of hilarious that people think there is a global conspiracy of tens of thousands of scientists, as opposed to the idea that a few multi-national oil companies are just stirring up the controversy so they can continue to make money. Really? You think ~10,000 scientists are all secretly conspiring? That is more believable than the idea that company is trying to prevent/delay something that might hurt their profits? Have you ever tried to get 2-3 scientists to agree on anything, even something as simple as going to lunch? If you had you'd realize how ridiculous the conspiracy theory is, even among conspiracy theories.
David Lahr June 08, 2012 at 05:15 PM
Some reasonable, sensible ideas John, but now is not the time to cut Federal spending. Cut during the boom, not the bust. The government can borrow at incredibly low rates. If a company had that borrowing power, it would be scouring for *anything* it could do to make money using the borrowed funds. This is common sense business. It's not like we don't have a *large* amount of public repairs we could be making to schools, roads, etc...
John DiMascio June 08, 2012 at 09:23 PM
Well let's see, scientists being funded by various governments, caught using doctored studies studies... You're right we should believe them. Beyond that, the issue is whether or not this global warming if it real, is anthropogenic or cyclical. So in the mean time we should trust people like Markey who want to see our electricity rates sky rocket so as to create a market for "Green Energy." That makes sense. Oh yes, we should trust the government who tells us a kid who works in a used record store is holds a "Green Job."
John DiMascio June 08, 2012 at 09:26 PM
As to your prior prior point David regarding government borrowing money at low interest: Said interest will not remain low forever, especially at the rate we are borrowing. We just spent close to $1 trillion dollars that was supposed to fix our infrastructure. You remember the "shovel ready" jobs! Turns out said money went to companies like Solyndra. Please, the way to get this economy moving is to lower taxes across the board so that the highest rate is below 28%. We also need to get rid of the mountains of red tape and regulation, not to mention Obama-Care which is the biggest reason businesses are sitting on their cash because they don't have a clue what the costs will be, or what crazy regulation this Administration and guys like Ed Markey will come up with next.


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