Study of Cell Phone Coverage in Watertown Approved by Town Council

The study will find what areas lack coverage, and will also see what town-owned properties could be used as sites for antennas.

A consultant will study cell phone coverage in Watertown, as well as town-owned buildings that could be used to place cell antennas or towers, but .

The council approved the study Tuesday night, which also includes a study of how to connect the police, fire and public works radio systems.

Town Councilor John Lawn said the cell-coverage study will be helpful when carriers come to town requesting installation a new antenna.

“Cell companies have a consultant who says they need cell coverage in this area, and we have nothing to dispute their statements,” Lawn said.

Some town-owned buildings could be used as sites for cell antennas, but currently the town’s bylaws do not allow them to be put on public property.

Councilor Angeline Kounelis said she does not want to lock the town into allowing antennas on public property.

“At this point I cannot support placing them on town property,” Kounelis said.

Kounelis said she heard discussions of putting cell antennas on the and the at the Planning Board and the Zoning Board.

Steve Magoon, director of Economic Development and Planning, said it does not allow antennas to be put on town-owned property. Another vote would need to be made.

Councilor Vincent Piccirilli said the towers would not be huge.

“People hear towers and think the 100-foot, 160-foot towers as seen on the Mass Pike,” Piccirilli said. “That’s exactly what we don’t want.”

The study will be completed within 60 days, Magoon said.

K Coyne September 15, 2011 at 04:17 PM
The initial cell tower proposed at the DPW is 100ft. I'm confused as to what Councilor Piccirilli then means in his statement? What exactly would be proposed at the DPW or anywhere else in town specifically?(height/number of transmitters)? Would it be kept to a maximum amount by the town(of transmitters and height and output?)


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