Watertown Police Bucked Licensing Board Request to Investigate Donohue's Bar and Grill

The board that oversees liquor licenses requested an inquiry into possible night hours for violations on the patio at the East End restaurant two months ago.

The Licensing Board learned recently that an investigation into possible night operation violations for the patio at Donohue's Bar and Grill has still not occurred two months after board members made the request to the Watertown Police Department.

The East End restaurant, own by Watertown resident and Town Councilor John Donohue, has permission to operate the patio until 10 p.m. from May 1 to Sept. 30, but earlier this year he applied to extend the late hours into April and October. The Licensing Board denied the request at its February meeting.

East End Town Councilor Angeline Kounelis told Watertown Patch that she has received calls from neighbors complaining about people being out on the patio at Donohue's after 10 p.m.

Licensing Board Chairman Donna Doucette told Watertown Police Sgt. Thomas Grady - who oversees licensing for the police - that "we have a problem," according to a report on Wicked Local Watertown (the online site for the Watertown Tab and Press) and others who attended the meeting. 

Grady said the matter is complicated because Donohue has a sister who works in the WPD detective division, the same division as Grady. He told Doucette that police and other town department discussed the matter and agreed that someone outside the Police Department would investigate, according to Wicked Local Watetown, but he did not specify who or what department.

Donohue appealed the Licensing Board's denial of adding evening patio hours in April and October to the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission, which sided with Dohohue. Despite this, the board again denied the extended hours in July, according to a report by Wicked Local Watertown.

In August, Donohue filed a complaint in Middlesex District Court appealing the Licensing Board's decision and seeking patio hours until 11 p.m. and use of the patio 12 months a year, Wicked Local reported.

Rob_Mc September 30, 2012 at 12:05 PM
Not really sure that is true.. Donahue's has a real regular crowd. What does the law actually say, does the patio have to be vacated by 10, or do they just have to stop serving at 10 out there?
Charlie Breitrose (Editor) September 30, 2012 at 12:44 PM
Sonny, careful. Unless you have proof you can site, please no speculating about Donhue's
William Lingquist September 30, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Does that mean if Donahue himself commits a crime it won't be investigated because "it's complicated"? Did anyone ask the Chief why it wasn't investigated? Did anyone ask the head of detectives why it wasn't investigated? And of course now that the cold weather is here and nobody would be outside anyway, it's going to be investigated by "someone outside the Police Department ". Who would that "someone" be? Will that "someone" talk to complaintants? Neighbors? Anyone? Of course that "someone" will be given strict orders to find nothing. Speaking of "someone", SOMEONE should be terminated for this. Whats right is right.
Charlie Breitrose (Editor) September 30, 2012 at 04:22 PM
Sonny, the issue is proof of statements. If you have it, and are willing to present it under your real name, that's fine. Otherwise, we don't allow such comments.
James Moore September 30, 2012 at 10:30 PM
I believe sonny has explained his frustration with whole way watrtown politics and the way some of the dishonest leaders take advantage of their power .I AM A watertown business man and have never had the special treatment that mr. donohue has been granted. our politicians and law enforcement agencies should be ashamed to wear a title of working for the best interest of our town. have been born and raised here for fifty years have never seen more corruption from the council town manager and wpd. As a large tax payer and supporter of this town that I am so proud of I am at the point that we as respected citizens have no more say in how rules and regulations are suppose to be followed Again all of you fakers and thief's should step down immediately. Thank you all for possibly listening to what I am saying.
Charlie Breitrose (Editor) October 02, 2012 at 02:24 AM
WatObserver, I am taking down your comment because while you pose a good question, it is not fair to question Det. Donohue's qualifications. If you want to repost with your other points, please go ahead. I am including the rest of your comment below: "... Seems to me that someone should be fired, his business should be fined or lose their license for a few days, and more. If this turns out to be true that he got away with opening his patio for extended hours then one has to imagine there is a whole lot more that we don't know. Very poor judgement on the part of the police to risk their reputation for him and it certainly hurts their credibility as well."
what-a-town October 04, 2012 at 08:09 PM
Charlie Breitrose (Editor) October 04, 2012 at 11:39 PM
The town pays for what Sonny? I'm confused.
Charlie Breitrose (Editor) October 06, 2012 at 11:50 AM
As you said, Sonny, you will need proof or else the comments won't stay up.


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