Watertown's Rachel Kaprielian Gets New State Leadership Post

Watertown's Rachel Kaprielian has been named  Secretary of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. Photo: Mass RMV.
Watertown's Rachel Kaprielian has been named Secretary of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. Photo: Mass RMV.

Watertown's Rachel Kaprielian will be appointed Secretary of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development by Gov. Deval Patrick on Friday. 

Kaprielian has served as Registrar of the Registry of Motor Vehicles since 2008. Gov. Patrick pointed to her record as Registrar and as a State Representative from Watertown advocating for smart and consumer-friendly policies, innovative job training initiatives, comprehensive pension reform, municipal and regional organizational reforms, aggressive anti-tobacco policies and Early Intervention programs for at-risk children.

“I am thrilled that Rachel has agreed to take on this new role, and I am confident that she is prepared to continue the difficult work of getting our residents back to work, and preparing both our workers and employers for the jobs of the 21st century economy," Patrick said in the announcement.

Kaprielian thanked the governor for the new appointment. 

“I am grateful for this opportunity to continue to serve the public by working towards job creation and economic growth that will benefit Massachusetts residents and businesses," Kaprielian said. "I share Governor Patrick’s commitment to the state’s continuing economic recovery by ensuring that the skills of the Commonwealth’s workforce meet the continuously evolving needs of our employers."

At the RMV Katprielian oversaw the expansion of the Registry's online branch (www.mass.gov/rmv) and implemented a customer service plan to build new branches in rent-free public spaces. Prior to serving as Registrar, Kaprielian represented Watertown and parts of Cambridge for 14 years as a state representative.

She replaces Secretary Joanne F. Goldstein, who will accept a job at Northeastern University as an Associate Vice President, according to the governor's office. 

Hanson January 28, 2014 at 08:42 AM
I Visited the RMV in Lowell MA twice this week and was not happy with this branch at all. Both visits took longer than they estimated, first was 1 Hrs and they estimated 45 Mins, second was 2 Hrs and the estimate on the ticket was 55 Mins. The location was filthy, understaffed, only 5 stations open out of 20+ and the workers there were mean spirited and they cared less how long I had to wait. I will not recommend this new branch to any one. The fact that the majority of visitors are non english speaking, this branch will treat you as a second class citizen. I am glad to see that the RMV has a "consumer Bill of rights" and wanted to share my frustrations with you in hope that you will fix this location. A quick Google search shows that I am not the only one to suffer from the poor service and excessive wait time at this particular location. I do not know if there is a branch manager at this location, if there is he or she would notice that: - Windows are filthy both at entrance and around the location. - Floors were dirty. - Water fountains not working. - Staff does not wear name tags - Staff often on some sort of break and lack the sense of urgency. - Average wait to register a car is 55 Mins. - Your website wait time is never accurate, in my case showed 5 Mins wait and when I got there I was told to wait 55 Mins and ended up waiting 1 Hr. - Signs at this location are not friendly "no Phone Use", if people are asked to wait for 1 hr then at least provide them with free cable TV to watch or sleeping bags to take a nap. - Staff lacks the minimum customer service skills. - Not a single Pen to be found in waiting area! In summary the folks at this branch don't give a damn! I had to paid my sales tax and wrote a check for over $1330.00, I did not get a thank you or sorry that I had to wait for an hour! I am hoping that my feedback will land on the right ears and hope to see a much better service next time I visit this branch.


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