What Should Go in the Former Watertown Police Station?

The Town Council is considering what to put in the old station behind the Fire Headquarters.

The old Watertown Police Station is vacant. What should it be used for? Patch File Photo.
The old Watertown Police Station is vacant. What should it be used for? Patch File Photo.
Tucked behind the Watertown Fire Headquarters is the building that used to house the Watertown Police Department before it moved down Main Street in the West End of town. Since the move the building has remained vacant and the Town Council is deciding what to put there.

There are three ideas for new uses for the building:

  • Making it an addition to the Watertown Free Public Library where people could make crafts and more - a maker space.
  • Watertown Public School administration is considering moving there from its current spot in the old Phillips School (across from Watertown High School) to allow the building to be used as a school again. 
  • Use it as storage for the town's new computerized Records Management System.
Before the designs can be made, the Town Council must decide how the space will be used.

The Town Council approved $23,444 to make designs to make improvements to the former Police Station, along with $170,049 for designs for projects at Town Hall, the library and the town's three fire stations, and $94,500 for designs to make improvements at Ryan Skating Arena.

How would you like to see the old Police Station used? Share in the comment section below.
Vinnie Dummerino January 23, 2014 at 10:33 AM
I would like to see it be a health drop in center to test out Dick Morley's idea that communities should have "health fire stations" for a local community that function as emergency rooms for low grade problems and for low grade health needs and treatments and preventions. Wonderful idea for the elderly, young people and young people with kids ...maybe even the lower 1/2 of the building. Morley would probably even give some seed money as might the state and several charities ...sort of like doctors without borders but right here in town; very centrally located, easy to get to and easy to organize other things around and a health soup kitchen which is probably needed more than a food kitchen by people in the community; of course, there could be small fees for services ...it would also extend the caring and emergency ideas and function of the fire department and the police department as well ....and it most certainly would lower health care costs for everyone. We have a fire department if there is an emergency with your house but not a similar department if there is an emergency with your body ...very 19-th century thinking. Morley can be contacted by googling The Barn.
patti days January 23, 2014 at 03:39 PM
School Administrative Quarters. We need a school badly.
Rena Chosiad January 23, 2014 at 09:03 PM
Rena Chosiad January 23, 2014 at 09:00 pm Our schools are desperately over-crowded, especially Hosmer. I would like to see the school administration move to the police station and have our school building serve the purpose for which it was built... providing classrooms for educating our children. Our kids deserve to have what they need, first and foremost... for their future and for the future of our town. I also think the police station is a much better location for the school administration as it is close to other administrative buildings -- town hall, etc... the seat of government.
Jane Corrigan January 25, 2014 at 07:09 AM
If we are in need of a school, this seems to be a very good solution.


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