Which Presidental Candidate is Right for You? Take This Quiz

Online quiz helps voters find the candidate whose views most closely match their own.


With all the news discussion on different policies, tax plans and social issues, it can be difficult to decide which candidate for president matches your own views the best.

An online quiz on ISideWith.com is trying to help voters decide. The quiz asked voters to select their stances on foreign and domestic issues and the results are then compared with the policy positions of the candidates in order to show quiz takers which candidate has the most similar views.

The quiz only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

A look at the quiz results for Massachusetts shows that 61 percent of the Commonwealth voters who took it side most closely with President Obama. 51 percent side most closely with Green Party candidate Jill Stein, 45 percent are most closely aligned with Libertarian Gary Johnson and only 29 percent match most closely with GOP Candidate Mitt Romney.

Click here to take the quiz and find out with which candidate your views most closely align. Let us know the results in the comments section below.


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