Friends of Watertown Music Thank Donors for Helping the School Music Programs

The grass-roots group raised nearly $7,000 last year, and has more events planned this year.

The following information was provided by the Friends of Watertown Music:

Founded about a year ago, the Friends of Watertown Music are very proud to announce that our fund raising and advocacy has paid off!

We raised an incredible $6,800, which will be used as a grant to the schools to expand music programming for this coming year. Nearly half our funds came from the proceeds of the March 30, 2012 Music Festival!

Thanks to gifts and advocacy from our student, parent and community supporters, the schools are restoring a 0.6 teaching position to the music program. The Friends of Watertown Music grant will be used to reinstate the Middle School Stage Band. Additionally, because of this newly funded teaching position, the school music programs in 2012-2013 now will have: elementary instrument program expansion, two High School electives and new music classes for students in the elementary autism program.   

Friends of Watertown Music will be continuing our fundraising efforts this year to further expand and enrich the music programs in the schools. Looking forward to seeing you all at the 2013 Music Festival next spring and at the Faire on the Square this weekend. 


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