Perkins Puts Up $25,000 for The MassChallenge

The money will go to entrepreneurs who create new products to help the disabled.

Perkins School for the Blind will see if anyone is up to the challenge by offering $25,000 to anyone who creates new products to assist those with disabilities. 

The Perkins Assitive Technology Prize is part of MassChallenge 2013, a competition to provide entrepreneurs with funding to start their business.

“Perkins sees first-hand how assistive technology can provide gateways to opportunity for people with disabilities,” said Akhil Nigam, Founder and President, MassChallenge Inc. in a release from Perkins. “Their continued support demonstrates their commitment to spurring more entrepreneurs to create practical accessibility solutions that breakdown barriers.”

The prize helps further the school's mission to "empower individuals with disabilities to reach their personal potential."

“Joining with MassChallenge is a natural for us,” said Perkins President Steven Rothstein in a release. “It’s in everyone’s interest to urge entrepreneurs to consider accessibility because better access for people with disabilities means better access for all.” 

The products can be low- or high-technology devices, that "could significantly enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities," according to the release.

Details and application information at www.MassChallenge.org.


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