The First Day of School: What Did You Wear?

Patch staffers share their first day of school fashion successes (and disasters!) over the years. Now we want to see yours!


Oh, we all remember it well. Climbing into the car and heading over to the mall or Bradlees to shop for new clothes.

Whether it was a Polly Flanders dress or an L.A. Gear jacket, we had to have the latest styles. And we always remember that very special first day of school outfit.

After school shopping was done, how long did you debate on what to wear? Was it fashionable enough? What were your friends going to wear? Or for many boys, what does mom want us to wear?

And most importantly, where are your pics of the first day of school? Patch editors have shared theirs (although some begrudgingly!), and we want to see yours.

It's easy—just click and contribute! The older the photo the better. We want to see fashions from all decades! 


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