Watertown High Students Give New School Lunch Menu the Thumbs Down

New federal guidelines restrict the number of calories and amount of fat and sugar allowed to be in a school lunch.


Major changes were made to the menu at Watertown High School's cafeteria and students do not approve. 

The school lunch program adjusted the menus to and lunches are smaller, have limited fat and sugar and students must now take a piece of fruit and either a milk or juice, said WHS student Aaron Siegel, who serves as a student representative to the School Committee.

"The meals are limited to 850 calories and are low in fat and sugar," Siegel said. "Many athletes feel that it is not substantial enough." 

As a result, students buy extra food to fill up, Siegel said. 

"Students are buying more snack," Siegel said. "Not only are they paying more money but they are buying more junk food."

When they go to the pay, students cannot leave without the fruit and juice or milk, Siegel said, even if they don't want them.

"Much of the milk and juice and fruit is being thrown away," Siegel said.

Many students do not realize that the changes were made to meet the new requirements, Siegel said, and many complain to the lunchroom staff.

WHS Head Master Steve Watson said he and his staff will explain to students why the school had to change the school lunches.

"We realize that when we make a change, even if we don't have a choice, we should explain it to the students and their parents," Watson said.

Even if the menus are restrictive, students could ask for new items on the menu, said Brenna McDonald, a student representative to the School Committee. 

"At one college students put suggestions on napkins and tack them on a board," McDonald said. 


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