WHS Graduation Today at Victory Field – Almost Had to be Held in the Gym

School and town employees will work hard today to prepare Victory Field for the Watertown High School commencement ceremony.

Stormy weather forecast for Wednesday night nearly scuttled today's outdoor graduation for Watertown High School's class of 2012, but a group of town and school employees will be busy Friday morning preparing for the commencement.

Superintendent Jean Fitzgerald said the Friday's graduation, which begins at 6 p.m., nearly had to be held in the Watertown High School gym.

"In order to lay down the (protective cover) on the field we needed to start (Wednesday), but thunderstorms were forecast," Fitzgerald said. "The town DPW (Public Works) all the school custodians and some parent volunteers will be out (Friday) morning. They all need to work together to put down the protective cover."

People really wanted to make sure the ceremony could be held at the new field, Fitzgerald said.

"It's exciting to see everyone come together to do an outdoor graduation," Fitzgerald said. "It would have been disappointing if the kids couldn't have and outdoor graduation."

Last year, the graduation was held in the gymnasium because the grass at Victory Field was being ripped up so it could be replaced with artificial turf.


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